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"I divide my time between teaching and working in my studio. I am a teacher and I’ve emphasised on texile and history in my profession. I believe my current works are inspired by and reflect my educational backdrop. My objects often carry a historical and ethnical connotation.

My inspirations are gathered from all over; my environment, the newspapers, books, fashion and the people around me. My students too are a source of inspiration because of their joyful and ingenuous worldview.

As a ceramicist I have specialised in casted forms and the recycling of glass. I especially use old bottles, for which I create a new context and give a new usage.

The glides is a design serie I’ve been developing the last few years. I gather their basic structure from gutter- and drainpipes. The serie consists of cups, small containers, candleholders and wall/table vases in various forms and sizes.” Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir

"Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir is a ceramic artist whose medium is not limited to clay. As her works show, her background is first and foremost Icelandic, but in addition to her studies at the Icelandic School of Art and Craft, Guðný has also studied and experienced ceramics in Denmark, Finland and Hungary.

Iceland has a great story-telling tradition and the works of Icelandic artists are often characterised by story-telling features. This also applies to Guðný’s work. Motifs of ancient traditional beliefs are reborn in her beautifully formed freedom stones. Such stones were traditionally used to help women during childbirth. Poems sometimes accompany her works, which make them more personal and add a level of sincerity. Heads of characters from the Viking era appear from glass bottles that have been given a new costume, and in similar works, Guðný flies the flag for Icelandic women. Contemporary recycling gets a new role through Guðný’s works.

But the feeling is far from one where the weight of history rests on the works. On the contrary, her newest works are characterised by lightness and gaiety. Guðný often looks to form in everyday life for inspiration for her craft works. So for example, roof gutters and raindrops are the inspiration for her newest line in cups, trays and breadboards. Here one can find both the form of raindrops and the colour of blue skies. Guðný’s work is characterised by imagination, variety, an awareness of the past and a sensitive perception of the present. Together, these qualities create colourful and thought-provoking art.” Ragna Sigurðardóttir

Guðný Hafsteinsdóttir's C.V. (resume) - View her works

- The Icelandic college of art and crafts 1991-1995
- Guest student, 6 weeks at The International Ceramic Studios in Kecskémet, Hungary 1994
- Guest student, 4 months at The University of Industrial Arts Helsinki Finland 1993
- College for craft and design, Denmark 1990-1991
- B.Ed. from the University of education 1981

1999 - Þá –Nú Hafnarborg, Hafnarfirði. / Now-Then Hafnarborg institute of culture and fine arts
2004 - G-G Sím húsið Hafnarstræti

2008 - Börglum kloster, Denmark
2007 - Handverk og hönnun jólasýning
2007 - Samsýning á vegum heimilisiðnaðarfél, Gerðubergi
2007 - Magma/Kvika Kjarvalsstaðir
2006 - European ceramic context
2006 – Bornholm Danmörku
2006 - Afmælissýning leirlistarfélagsins, Hafnarborg
2006 - Nordatlantiske Öer – Ráðhúsinu Kaupmannahöfn
2005 - Sögur af landi – Handverk og hönnun
2005 - Auður Austurlands – farandssýning
2004 - Handverk og hönnun, jólasýning
2003 - Afmælissýning Meistara Jakobs, Norræna húsið
2003 - Sumarsýning, Handverk og hönnun
2003 - Ílát, Handverk og hönnun
2002 - Galleri Voss, Noregi
2002 - Afmælissýning leirlistarfélagsins, Gerðasafni
2001 - Asti-Reykjavík, Listasafni ASÍ
2001 - Elementi d´Islanda, Asti Ítalíu
2001 - Skart, Listhúsi Ófeigs Reykjavík
2000 - Handverk og hönnun, jólasýning
1999 - Ráðhúsi Reykjavíkur
1999 - Listhúsi Ófeigs, Reykjavík
1998 - Samsýning Leirlistarfélagsins, Gallerí Fold, Kringlunni
1998 - Listhandverk á vegum SÍBS, Handverk og hönnun, Reykjavík
1997 - Drottinn blessi heimilið, Listhús 39, Hafnarfirði
1997 - Útþrá, Skruggusteinn, Kópavogi
1997 - Hönnunardagar, samsýning Epal, Reykjavík
1997 - Samsýning hafnfirskra listamanna Hafnarborg, Hafnarfirði
1996 - Dýr-Gripir Listhús 39, Hafnarfirði
1996 - Lúra undir jökli, Hornafirði
1995 - Englar og erótík, Listhús 39, Hafnarfirði
1995 - Gullkistan, Laugarvatni.1995 Galleri Nörby, Kaupmannahöfn

- Grant from the Icelandic state cultural fund for six months in 1998
- Appointed for Designers Prize in 1998
- Grants and award from the Cultural Fund of Kópavogur 1996

- Hafnarborg institute of culture and fine arts
- The Reykjavík water and electricity company
- Daily newspaper DV
- Vektor consulting engineers
- Morning newspaper
- Hópbílar / ferðaþjónusta

- Designer of DV Cultural awards 2000. Recognition given to artists and designers from one of the largest newspaper in Iceland
- Member of The Society of Icelandic Ceramics Artists, Association of Icelandic Visual Artists and Form Iceland , association of Icelandic designers

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