nu-v44v-deactivated20131221 said: This is the most exciting news of my week! There is finally a decent blog dedicated to ceramics! I was wondering if you knew any links to sites or books or anything on contemporary ceramics? I studied some ceramics this year and read quite a few ceramics magazines dedicated to contemporary ceramics, and I would like to keep hold of this interest! I'm sorry this is so incoherent, but I really am so pleased, and the work you have posted so far is beautiful! Ander.

Thank you very much for your kind words. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many good websites dedicated to contemporary ceramics as ones might think :). I recommend you to follow Studio Pottery and to subscribe to New Ceramics Online, these are the most complete websites dedicated only to contemporary ceramics. If you are doing research on a special category like japanese ceramics or raku-fired, mail us and we will give you all the links you ask for. But keep following us, our long-term project is printing a ceramics magazine and making a wonderful online resource for ceramists and lovers alike. Vasi, Ceramics Now


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