ScanCeram 2012 - Scandinavian Ceramics Conference / Hjørring, Denmark

ScanCeram, Scandinavian Contemporary Ceramics Conference 2012, Hjørring, Denmark

ScanCeram: Scandinavian Ceramics Conference 2012 / Hjørring, Denmark
September 20-23, 2012

Join the annual Scandinavian Ceramics Conference in Hjørring, Denmark, for panels, lectures, exhibitions and demonstrations by outstanding ceramic artists and professionals from Scandinavia and around the world. Registration is available online.

Presenters: Karin Andersson, Stefan Andersson, Polly Beach, Clive Bowen, Nato Eristavi, Ann-Louise Gustafsson, Susanne Hangaard, Hbyba Harrabi, Janne Hieck, Ayumi Horie, Ane Fabricius, Anna Johansdottir, Henning Jørgensen, James Kasper, Michael Maguire, Susan Maguire, Gregory Hamilton Miller, Sheri O’Connor, Steve Mattison, Catherine Orrantia, Anders Ruhwald, Markus Rusch, Bernt Petersen, Waleed Qaisi.

▬ Ceramic Artist Residencies: Centers and Programs
What kind of opportunities are there for ceramic artists to work in new contexts around the world? How do we find these programs, and what can we access there? How do these ceramic work centers and institutions develop, how are they funded, and who do they provide resources for? How do artists apply for a residency, and what kind of projects get accepted? How can an artist residency fit with your career, whether you’re a student, young professlonal, or world renowned artist.
Mette Blum Marcher (DK), Steve Mattington (Hungary/Wales)

▬ Earthenware and slip
Earthenware clay is one of the most common minerals on earth, and can be found in almost every country in the world. In combination with other clay slip materials, and metal oxides, it makes up one of the most common material ranges of the ceramic pallet. During the conference, we’ll have presentations about English Slip Ware, Slip trailing in England and Japan, and different slip applications to Earthenware ranges. In addition, we’ll be discussing new developments in low temperature glazes that do and don’t contain lead, borate, and other low temperature fluxes, exploring the fit and fitness of these various glaze options.
Clive Bowen (UK), Waleed Qaisi (Iraq/Qatar)

▬ Trends in Scandinavian Ceramics
What’s happening now in Scandinavian Ceramics? Who are the emerging and expanding voices in the ceramic field, and what are they working on, and burning for? Where did they study, and how did they get moving in our field? Are you one of them? Would you like a place to tell about your work at ScanCeram? We’ve made one for you! If you’re a student or faculty in Ceramics, we’ve got special opportunities this year for you to present about your work, your school, or your institution. Together with the Vendsyssel Art Museum, we’ve also arranged our first museum level exhibition of NY NORDIC KERAMIK September 11th to October 21st, 2012, with an opening reception and gallery talks Friday, September 21st by involved artists, curators, and organizers.
Ane-Fabricius Christiansen (DK), Ann-Louise Gustafsson (SE), Susanne Hangaard (DK)

▬ Ceramic Institutions: Education
What kind of ceramic education institutions exist in the world today? In Germany, the Ceramic School in Landshut offers programs in apprenticeship, journeymen, and masters level ceramics, while still being engaged with studio art practices, an extension of a guild system. How does this compare with ceramic educations in the USA, which focus on Bachelor and MFA programs, or Australian ones, or those in for example, Georgia? Which of these educations are relevant for what career paths? What skills do they develop, what communities do they participate in and develop? How do these institutions collaborate with each other more broadly nationally and internationally?
Michael Maquire (USA), Nato Eristavi (Georgia), Sheri O’Connor (USA)

▬ Internet and Online Marketing
Should you be selling your work on Etsy? Do you have a commercial Facebook Site? Who do you follow on Twitter? And how do you get these activities to result in actual sales of your work? These, and many other important techniques for marketing your work and yourself online, are an important focus of this years conference. With experienced professionals presenting and leading the discussion, we’ll work up guidelines and suggestions for current activities, and try to anticipate future directions to move in. Beyond that, what are the minimal basic activities that we need to invest in to have a presence online, that is time and economically efficient.
Ayumi Horie (USA), Stefan Andersson (SE), Polly Beach (USA)

▬ Vendsyssel Ceramic Exhibition
Do you live in Nordjylland, and want to be part of the local ceramic exhibition in conjunction with Scanceram 2012?  Great!  We want to show off your work too! The exhibition opening is planned for September 20th, 2012. In order to participate, we need some information about you and your work! Please send your Name, Address, Website, email, Telephone, Title, Description and Price to: Janne Hieck,, +45 40475321.

▬ Ny Nordisk Keramik
This international invitational conceptual ceramic exhibition will open September 11th, 2012 at Vendsyssel Kunst Museum, Hjørring. Artists have been selected from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland who are on the cutting edge of the sculptural media throughout Scandinavia. Exhibition opening at Vendsyssel Kunst Museum, 15:00 Friday, September 21st, 2012.

▬ ScanCeram 2012 Presenters Exhibition
Each of the presenters from Scanceram 2012 will be bringing work to exhibit during the conference, just to the side of the main lecture hall. It’s a great opportunity to see actual work by renowned ceramic artists from around the world, and discuss their work with them in person. Exhibition Opening: Thursday, September 20th, at 4 pm.

▬ ScanCeram 2012 Demonstrators Exhibition
This year again we’ve got some fantastic demonstrations going on in conjunction with ScanCeram! Clive Bowen (UK), Waleed Qaisi (Iraq/Qatar), Janne Hieck (DE/DK), Michael Maguire (USA), and Anna Johansdottir (Iceland/DK) will be showing a more extensive group of their works so that we can see what they look like after they’ve been completed.

▬ Participant Ceramic Exhibition
Have you registered for Scanceram 2012, and you’d like an opportunity to exhibit your work too?  We’ve made arrangements this year for a special exhibition just for you, at the conference venue! Bring your work along with you to the conference, and be ready to display it at the latest by Friday, September 21st at 10:00. Please send your interest, as well as your Name, Address, Website, email, Telephone, Title, Description, and Price to: Janne Hieck,, +45 40475321.

▬ Individual Solo or Small Group Exhibitions
Would you like to arrange a solo or small group exhibition of your work in conjunction with ScanCeram 2012 somewhere in Vendsyssel? An open studio? Let us know and we’ll be happy to list it here on our exhibition page to announce it!

There will also be a  Benefit Auction Dinner 2012 on Thursday, September 20, from 4 to 9 pm, at the Cafeteria, Skolevangen 45, UCN Hjørring.

Gregory Hamilton Miller, Organizer
Tel. +4540475320

More details about the program or directions to Hjørring, Denmark, are available on ScanCeram’s website.

Above: Ann-Louise Gustavsson, Candy Love, 2012.

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