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Sponsorship / What is Ceramics Now?

Ceramics Now is the world leading website in contemporary ceramics, with more than 61000 visits per month and 46000 followers on Tumblr. Built as an open online art platform specialized in contemporary ceramics, Ceramics Now publishes profiles, interviews and reviews of new and world-renowned ceramic artists, and provides information on contemporary ceramic art exhibitions and events.

We are proud to have collaborated with almost 100 featured artists at 60+ interviews and with 50+ partners at over 100 exhibitions and events.

How about the magazine?

Ceramics Now Magazine is published 10 times per year in digital format, and 2 times per year in printed format. The majority of our readership consists in educated individuals aged between 27-46 years old. Almost all of them are working in the arts field (self-employed artists, galleries, academic, small companies, etc.).

Readership: USA - 37%, Europe - 25%, UK - 12%, Australia - 7%, Other - 19%.

How to sponsor Ceramics Now?

Ceramics Now website:
1. Sponsored article (exhibitions and events):
- Press release, image and image attribution, 3 links: article visible on top of the Exhibitions page for a month (2 spots available).
2. Banners - Buy Now (Use Promo Code HAPPY2YEARS to get 20% off. Limited availability.)
- 125 x 125px button banner visible on the whole website (left sidebar).
- 250 x 250px banner visible on posts and static pages (right sidebar).
3. E-Announcement / Newsletter
- 560 x 210px banner + text (title: 60 characters, description: 350 characters) + 3 links.

Ceramics Now Magazine:
Advertising opportunities for the printed and digital issues of Ceramics Now Magazine are limited to 4 pages/issue.

* We can provide invoices for every sale. For any type of requests, p
lease contact Vasi Hirdo, Editor, at vasi@ceramicsnow.org

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