Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips (b. 1978) studied a BA (hons) in studio ceramics at Falmouth College of Arts between 1996-1999. She is now based in rural Herefordshire where she lives with her partner and 2 children on the Welsh/English border.


Susan Phillips Ceramics Sculpture

Untitled, 2013

I am currently working on a series of small scale sculptures that explore the idea of bringing together 2 separate and opposing elements to form a harmonious relationship.

I have always been more interested in the model or plan stage of an idea as opposed to the end result. Be that in sculpture or architecture I respond to the simplified methods of construction, the reduced nature of scale, form and materials. The model bridges the gap between the initial idea and the final conclusion, and it is this energy of possibility and potential that inspires me. The transient quality of moving from and onto.

The series of sculptures I am working on at present are made from white porcelain clay. The clay has a slight coarse, open texture which lends a raw and unfinished feel. I throw cylinders on the wheel and roll out slabs of clay. These are then scraped into fine planes which remain separate until being slotted together after firing to produce a 3 dimensional form.

The porcelain planes become clay walls with which to deliniate space, and by cutting into these walls I am able to adjust compositional elements and explore particular themes. Current themes include an observation of the interplay between:
- Independence / interdependence
- Fragment / whole
- Open / closed

Working in series and under a restricted set of circumstances is for me not a process of repetition, but rather a way of being able to address particular ideas and concepts in a more meaningful way, and from a greater variety of perspectives. My aim is always one of felt experience, and a search for simplicity and composure.

SUSAN PHILLIPS's C.V. (resume)

1996-1999 - Falmouth College of Arts
BA (hons) Studio Ceramics

2014 - Oriel Davies Open
2013 - Christmas Exhibition, Beardsmore Gallery, London
- Ceramics, Beardsmore Gallery, London

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