Patience EP by Lights Out!

"Patience" EP is a series of six ambitious voyages through rock grooves and deep, blissed-out psychedelia. Warm, dreamy guitars creating sweeping soundscapes and a voice that will haunt you during your waking hours, stir you from your deepest sleep - let them drill themselves into your subconscious and broodingly melt you.

Formed in February 2010, Lights Out! are a four-piece psychedelic/indie rock band. Consisting of high school students and friends Teo Retegan (vocals and keyboards), Andrei Bobiş (guitars), Andrei Sîncrăian (guitars), Oana Pop (drums) and former bass-player Alex Bondor, all from Cluj-Napoca, the band made its debut on the musical scene of this Northern Romanian city late April, the same year. A few months later, in November, Lights Out! managed to record their first demo, a song called “Inside Out”, that marked their first breakthrough as young musicians: the band won the popularity award at the 2nd edition of byron|Rock Your High School.

The beginning of 2012 saw Lights Out! entering the studio to record a debut EP. Their first discographic effort, called “Patience” is to be released on April 7th.

Teodora Retegan: Vocals / Keys
Andrei Bobiș: Guitar / Bass
Andrei Sîncraian: Guitar / Bass
Oana Pop: Drums

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