Rery (likes) - EXTRA!, April 2011

EXTRA!, April 2011: Rery (likes)

Interview by Vasi Hîrdo

What is your name and who are you in real life?

Rery (likes): I am Rery. I was born in Taipei, grew up in Montreal and am now living and working in Paris as a freelance illustrator.

In what techniques do you usually work, do you make sketches first?

I use my pen tablet to make illustrations on Illustrator, but have always a sketches book with me so that I can draw down the unexpected ideas. I like the nearly perfect control and the multiple possibilities of the digital art, as much as the spontaneity and the freedom of the hand drawing.

La pénultième (2010) / Digital collage with Jay Maude’s photograph

What is your present project and what’s its history? Do you plan to make an exhibition?

Currently, I’m working with a friend on a website: It’s a collaboration project that wishes to promote artists coming from around the world.

I’ve only exhibited my works few times in the past. I am preparing to do more in the future, psychologically and in terms of works.

How it all started? Do you remember your first works?

I make Hans Hartung’s words mine: “Everything we feel deeply must be expressed.” I am a very visual person and have always felt the need to express my emotion and state of mind through images.

My early drawings were heavily influenced by manga. With time and various encounters, the evolution comes subtly but naturally. Today, my works are very different from the ones before, but they keep the simple lines and expressiveness of my first drawings.

☼.☼ (2011)

Tell us more about your art blog (rerylikes) and what plans you have for it.

I started my art blog to share things I like with my living-far-away-twin-sister. With time, this (almost) daily practice builds up a digital memory gathering things that move me and help me in my personal research.

It is a beautiful surprise that so many people share the same love for art with me. And thanks to this blog, I’ve met virtually many great artists and curators. I will certainly continue to nurture this love and sharing, hopefully with more and more people.

La lectrice (2011)

Visit the artist’s website and her art blog.

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