Anne Marie Laureys / Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode

Anne Marie Laureys ceramics exhibition at Galerie Sofie Lachaert

Anne Marie Laureys / Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium
October 12 - November 16, 2014

For Anne Marie Laureys, making is exploring the physical laws of the material. She creates spacious, fine, delicate forms that reveal the speed, fluency and the plasticity of clay. Into the thrown and altered forms she puts an extremely personal sensibility that goes hand in hand with the tension and flexibility of a wet pot. The forms are the result of a very physical and tangible human gesture, which has an air of mystery and sensuality, while also evoking a variety of other senses.

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Nicola Tassie: Craft / Standpoint Gallery, London

Nicola Tassie Ceramics at Standpoint Gallery

Nicola Tassie: Craft / Standpoint Gallery, London
September 19 - October 26, 2014

This exhibition marks a point of reckoning in the oeuvre of Nicola Tassie, one of London’s most sought-after studio ceramicists and teachers. Drawing on three decades of experimentation, consolidation and reflection, this exhibition pushes newly-made and older works up against one another. The installations and displays of functional, functionally ambiguous, and overtly sculptural works show Tassie investigating with renewed clarity the questions she has posed and re-posed in regard to the practice and reception of ceramics throughout her career.

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Seth Czaplewski: Ceramic Streets, 2009-Present

I view my work as crossover media. I usually abstract forms, which are then situated outdoor. Once placed, each on-site piece is documented as the primary archival “art object”. In doing so, my hope is that each work will ask viewers to reexamine and reconsider how art functions in their surroundings. I install my work in public, leaving it subject to societal forces and the whim of passersby. They are left to provoke thought, be transformed, or remain.

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Jamie Bates Slone: Projections, 2012-2014

Projected onto life size, coil built figures, are a series of macro images of my casted work. The projections engulf and overwhelm the figures, as do my anxieties and fears for my health, the health of loved ones and cancer itself.

Alison Britton & Jim Partridge: Cut and Run / Marsden Woo Gallery, London

Alison Britton and Jim Partridge exhibition at Marsden Woo Gallery

Alison Britton & Jim Partridge: Cut and Run / Marsden Woo Gallery, London
October 14 - November 15, 2014

Alison Britton has returned to making pots after a year of working on her book, Seeing Things, Collected Writing on Art, Craft and Design. (Occasional Papers, 2013)

Picking up the threads in the studio she has resolved to work with a basic simplicity, making a series of tall jars, painted white and black over the buff clay body. Her casual mode of slab building, the balanced irregularity of planes, columns, cut off cones, and facets, is still in play. Pouring slip, a loosely controlled process, continues to be important, as well as working with a brush.

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Yoichiro Kamei: Lattice receptacle, 2005-2013

The Lattice receptacle series comprises artworks that use porcelain lattice structures as fundamental forms.

A piece is constructed by the accumulation of base units (cubic hollows), which are formed using a slip casting technique. From this production method of unit accumulation derives geometric and formative aesthetics that give space the capacity to exist in density. The internal space that is opened by the lattice structure becomes a device to receive light, and together with the permeability of porcelain it emphasizes the aspect of light and shadow.

Johan Creten: Fireworks / Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong
October 2 - November 15, 2014

Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong, is pleased to present “Fireworks” by Johan Creten. Born in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, Creten has been working on the move for 25 years, from Mexico to Rome, from Miami to Amsterdam. He currently lives in Paris, France, but the sculptures exhibited in Hong Kong have been specially made during the past two years at Struktuur 68 in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

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Marina Kuchinski: John Michael Kohler Arts and Industry Residency, 2014

During the residency I have created a few bodies of work including figurative animal and human forms as well as readymades and found object casts utilizing Kohler’s ceramics facilities. I have incorporate multiples and one of a kind pieces in work in series. The access to the unique facilities and the opportunity to work with Kohler associates provided me with an exceptional experience that has inspired my work.

Project created in Arts/Industry, a long-term residency program at the John Michael Kohler Art Center Inc. Arts/Industry takes place at Kohler Co.

Andréa Keys Connell: The Pursuit of Hercules, 2011

This piece expands on themes from a previous installation that dealt with inter-generational trauma, i.e., the unresolved affects of trauma that have been passed on from one generation to the next. I wanted to further explore the nature of trauma, this time specifically in relation to archetypes of heroism and the heroic’s relationship to violence. 

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Andréa Keys Connell: …Gently Down The Stream…, 2012

This work began with a simple observation: newspaper photos depicting individuals – whether confronted with natural disasters, war, or engaged in protest – often shared a similar expressiveness, body language, and composition.

These images of people with anguished faces and strained bodies, recurring again and again, become, in their repetition, timeless and interchangeable. But the insistent beat of time moves the individual past the captured image. And what seems interchangeable is often a truly singular and defining event for the person in question. In attempting to return to the memory of that moment they become captive to it.

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Vitor Reis: Perverting tradition, 2012-2014

Vitor Reis: These works relate to some popular Portuguese native customs. The aim is to appropriate those customs and refresh them by creating new relations. Those new relations intend to create experiences and criticism of our present time.

Vitor Reis Ceramics, Mountain

This work is based in the traditional representation of the Caldas da Rainha phallus. The piece is composed by many little representations of crammed phalluses. In a first look, they look like candies, but after a closer look the shapes start to define themselves.

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