Patience EP by Lights Out!

"Patience" EP is a series of six ambitious voyages through rock grooves and deep, blissed-out psychedelia. Warm, dreamy guitars creating sweeping soundscapes and a voice that will haunt you during your waking hours, stir you from your deepest sleep - let them drill themselves into your subconscious and broodingly melt you.

Formed in February 2010, Lights Out! are a four-piece psychedelic/indie rock band. Consisting of high school students and friends Teo Retegan (vocals and keyboards), Andrei Bobiş (guitars), Andrei Sîncrăian (guitars), Oana Pop (drums) and former bass-player Alex Bondor, all from Cluj-Napoca, the band made its debut on the musical scene of this Northern Romanian city late April, the same year. A few months later, in November, Lights Out! managed to record their first demo, a song called “Inside Out”, that marked their first breakthrough as young musicians: the band won the popularity award at the 2nd edition of byron|Rock Your High School.

The beginning of 2012 saw Lights Out! entering the studio to record a debut EP. Their first discographic effort, called “Patience” is to be released on April 7th.

Teodora Retegan: Vocals / Keys
Andrei Bobiș: Guitar / Bass
Andrei Sîncraian: Guitar / Bass
Oana Pop: Drums

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Midnight City by M83

Directed by Fleur & Manu (Division/Les Télécréateurs)

Midnight City is the first single of the new M83 album, Hurry up, We’re Dreaming.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)

Who Are You - Breizh

Who Are You is a band from Quebec City, Quebec (Canada) born in October 2007 with the union between two ex-members of Uberko, Josué Beaucage (piano, vocal, synths, bass) and Simon Pedneault (guitars, vocal, gadgets), and Dominic Fournier (drums, percussions) - ex-drummer of La Chambre. Their music has been compared to the likes of Patrick Watson, Pink Floyd and Karkwa among others.

Breizh, which means Bretange (Brittany in English) in Breton language, is the name of their first album. It was released on February 2011.

"Glisser" is the track that ends the album.

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