Sharjah Art Foundation Open Call: Production Programme 2012

Sharjah Art Foundation Open Call: Production Programme 2012

Sharjah Art Foundation Open Call: Production Programme 2012

Sharjah Art Foundation announces the 2012 Production Programme Open Call for grants to artists working in a range of media. Up to $200,000 is available in this application cycle. Deadline: 24 February 2012.

The Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) Production Programme broadens the possibilities for the production of art in the MENASA region through a commitment to support innovation and excellence in artistic practice by encouraging risk and experimentation. This commitment places artists at the core of the Foundation’s mission by offering grants and professional support for the realization of projects selected from an open call for proposals.

The past decade has seen an extraordinary rise in artistic activity throughout the Middle East, resulting in an increased visibility for artists both regionally and internationally. Within this context, the Foundation hopes to promote and encourage an environment of public and private patronage for the highest level of artistic endeavour. This programme focuses on supporting artists in their individual attempts to create work on a scale they have perhaps never imagined possible.

Arts practitioners are invited to propose imaginative, ambitious and inspirational projects that will transform our understanding of what art is and how it can be experienced. With this initiative we hope to engage and challenge the artists, our audiences and ourselves aesthetically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, politically or in ways new and unexpected.

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Open call for submissions

We’re opening submissions for all contemporary ceramic artists. If you submit your work to Ceramics Now, you could be featured on our website (as a featured artist), and in print, beginning Issue nr. 2 (March 2012). Contact us.

Ceramics Now Magazine is a contemporary ceramic art magazine published in Romania. We feature exclusive interviews with world-renowned ceramic artists, high quality images with their works and news from the ceramic field. The first printed issue of Ceramics Now will be published next month (Winter 2011-2012), and will contain more than 40 interviews with ceramic artists.

We think it’s an amazing opportunity for artists to be featured and to be promoted in Ceramics Now. We have a strong presence online and we are trying hard to enter the top contemporary ceramics magazines in the world.

Read more about us and about Issue nr. 1.

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