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Intrigued by the tenuous connection between past, present and future and the shadowy, illusive meaning of time, Annie Woodford makes work that is both haunting and enigmatic. Shifting boundaries between science and metaphysics and an enduring interest in parallel universe theory instill the pieces with a heightened intensity, whilst an obsession with hidden worlds has prompted her investigations into microscopy and the nano universe – making the unseen seen. 

Captivated by the natural world and our mysterious, infinite universe – whether seen at macroscopic or microscopic levels – she finds them the source of endless fascination and wonder. Mankind’s place within that universe and the dichotomy between our wish for progress and our proclivity for self-destruction, has become a central theme. 

A passion for frozen environments and the message they embrace, not only from the past but also for the future of our planet has resulted in research trips to the Arctic and Iceland and a detailed study of the coldest place on Earth – Antarctica.

The work exhibits qualities that reflect the natural world, elements that highlight its beauty and transience. Fragile, frangible, complex and esoteric, delicately balanced between risk and control, her pieces float and oscillate between absence and presence, hovering silently in a place between.

‘Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere’ Blaise Pascal, mathematician, poet, philosopher.

Annie Woodford’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

– Royal College of Art M.A. (R.C.A.), Ceramics and Glass (principal tutor Sir Eduardo Paolozzi), 1981-84
– Hornsey School of Art, B.A. Hons (First Class), Ceramics and Glass, 1977-80
– Hornsey School of Art, Foundation Course, 1976-77

– Society of Scottish Artists Prize, 2012   
– The Juliet Gomperts Trust Award (Travel), 2010
– Finalist – Biennal Internacional Ceramica de Marratxi, Spain, 2010
– Finalist – Guanlan International Print Biennale, Guanlan, China, 2009
– Bronze Award – Taiwan International Ceramics Competition, Taiwan, R.O.C., 2008
– Finalist – International Print Biennale, Taiwan, R.O.C., 2008
– Shortlisted for the Man Photography Prize, R.C.A., London, 2007
– Finalist – The Aomori Print Triennale, Japan, 2007
– The Juliet Gomperts Trust Award (Project Funding), 2006
– Prizewinner – Wedgwood Bicentennial Award, 1994
– Crafts Council Award, 1987
– Royal College of Art Travel Scholarship, 1983

– The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Art Library, New York and touring USA, Canada, Australia, UK
– Society of Scottish Artists Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
– 6th Kyoto International Hanga, Kyoto Museum, Japan and touring  (curated by Rebecca Salter and Monica Petzal)

– Print and Design Now, SW1 Gallery, London (and touring)
– ‘Collect’, Saatchi Gallery, London, May 2011
– Kirkby Gallery, Liverpool, Feb-April 2011 
– Edinburgh Printmakers (Solo), May-July 2010 
– The Musical Museum, London, May-July 2010
– Biennal Internacional Ceramica de Marratxi, Marratxi Ceramics Museum, Spain, May-August 2010
– Newcastle Museum Art Gallery, May-July 2010
– Invited Artist – World Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, 5th World Ceramic Biennale, World Ceramic Foundation, Korea, 2009 
– International Print Biennale, Guanlan Museum, Shenzhen, China, 2009
– Aberdeen Arts Centre, 2009
– Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2009
– Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale, June-December 2008 
– National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, R.O.C. (touring 4 venues), 2008
– Bircham Gallery, Holt, UK, 2008
– Federation Gallery, Vancouver, 2008
– ‘Inspired by’, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2008
– Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Connecticut, U.S.A., 2008
– Originals 08, The Contemporary Printmaking Show, Mall Galleries, London, 2008
– Man Photography Prize, R.C.A., London, 2007
– The Aomori Print Triennale, Japan, 2007
– The Print Show, Weekend Gallery, Hastings, 2007
– Infiltrating the System, Bookmarks V, University of West England, Touring to Japan, USA, New Zealand, Poland, Croatia, 2007
– Art Auction for Fairleigh Hospice, Firstsite Gallery, Essex, 2007
– Bookmarks Project (Situation Leeds), Leeds University, 2007
– The Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 2006
– GIFT, Museum MAN (part of the Liverpool biennial), 2006
– Objects in Waiting, Sheffield University, 2006
– Artonomy Fine Art, Truro, Cornwall, 2006
– ‘Boxed n’ Cased’, Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Sussex, 2005
– Art Auction for Farleigh Hospice, Firstsite Gallery, Essex, 2005
– ‘Drawing the Line’, Orleans House Gallery, London, 2004
– Seibu, Japan, 1997
– ‘Bridging Cultures’, Northern Arts Touring Exhibition, 1995
– International Ceramics Competition, Mino Japan, 1992
– Prema Arts, an exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, 1991
– Anatol Orient, London 1990 (solo), represented by Anatol Orient 
– London Contemporary Art Fair, 1990
– Chicago International Arts Fair, 1989
– International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan, 1989
– Michaelson and Orient, London 1989 (solo), represented by Michaelson and Orient        
– Royal College of Art 150th Aniversary Exhibition at Liberty, London, 1987
– Portobello Art Fair, London, 1988
– Bath Contemporary Art Fair, 1987
– Seibu, Japan, 1987 (solo)
– ‘The Box Show’, Artsite, Bath, 1987
– Anatol Orient, London, 1986 (Solo)
– Casson Gallery, London, 1986
– Cecilia Colman, London, 1986
– Yew Tree Gallery, Derbyshire, 1986
– Cre Gallery, London, 1986
– Anatol Orient, London, 1985
– Royal Overseas League, London, 1985 (solo)

2008 – Ongoing – ‘Ice: Tracing the Line of Existence’, New Zealand
2008 – ‘Objects of Mystery and Power’, Egypt
2006 – 2010 – ‘Beyond the Surface of Things’, Iceland (click to open PDF)
2005 – Ongoing – ‘Freezing the Light’, the Arctic

– Edinburgh Printmakers, 2010
– World Ceramic Biennale Symposium, Ecology and Ceramics, 2009
– Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale, lecture and workshop, 2008

– Western Atlas Int. Inc., Houston and London, 1998-1999
– Colchester and Tendring Arts Project, 1997-1998
– The Dance Depot, Paris and London, 1996  
– Landmark Graphics Corp., London, 1992

– World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Icheon Museum, South Korea
– Hanhyanglim Gallery, Heri Art Village, South Korea
– The Taiwan Ceramics Museum, Taiwan, R.O.C.
– Toki Minoyaki Traditional Craft Centre, Gifu, Japan
– The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, R.O.C.
– British Library, London
– Guanlan Museum, Shenzhen, China
– Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan
– Schlumberger Limited
– Landmark Graphics Corporation
– Lady Marina Vaizey, UK
– Kenzo Matsumoto, Japan
– Cullingham Trust, USA

UK, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Barbados, Egypt, Morocco and South Korea

– 21st Century ceramics: The First Decade – Lark Books 2012
– Ceramics Monthly- Article by Glen R Brown, ‘Virtual Paris’

– How to look at Contemporary ceramics- Chang Hyun Bang 2011
– ‘Collect’ (catalogue to the exhibition), 2011 (click to open PDF)
– Scotland on Sunday, April 2011
– Ice: Tracing the Line of Existence – Timeforce Press, 2010
– Objects from the Multiverse, ‘Ceramics: Art and Perception’ Magazine, March 2009 (click to open PDF)
– World Contemporary Ceramics, 5th World Ceramic Biennale (Catalogue to the exhibition), 2009
– 500 Ceramic Sculptures: Contemporary Practise, Singular Works – Lark Books, 2009
– British International Mini Print (Catalogue to the exhibition), 2009
– Interview with Digital Temple Magazine (click to open pdf)
– International Print Biennale, Taiwan (catalogue to the exhibition), 2008
– Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale, Taiwan (catalogue to the exhibition), 2008
– The Aomori Print Triennale, Japan (catalogue to the exhibition), 2007
– Breaking the Mould: New Approaches to Ceramics, Black Dog Publishing, 2007 (click to link)
– House and Garden, ‘Individual Style’, July 1993
– Metropolitan Home, Nov 1990
– Art London 90 (catalogue to the fair), March/April 1990
– The Independent, Dec 1986
– Vogue Magazine, Dec 1986
– The Box Show’ (catalogue to the exhibition), Dec 1986
– Galleries Magazine (revue), Dec 1986
– Interiors Magazine, March/April 1985
– Design Magazine (selected by Minale Tattersfield), July 1984

– Invited Juror/Selector for ’21st Century Ceramics: The First Decade’, Lark Books, 2012
– Invited Selector for Axis, MAstars programme, 2008
– Tutor, Epsom School of Art, Ceramics and Jewelry, 1986-89
– Visiting lecturer, Brighton College of Art, Camberwell School of Art

– Edinburgh Printmakers
– The Society of Scottish Artists
– Axis Artists Register
– Crafts Council Selected List 
– Register of Public Artists, Essex County Council

– Organized and supervised the complete restoration of a Grade II listed building including design of interior and landscaping, 1996-1998
– Assistant to the buyer, Liberty Arts and Craft department, 1980-1981

Travelled to The Arctic Circle, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, U.S.A., Egypt, Africa, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea and Europe

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