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Bogdan Sibi Teodorescu Romanian Ceramics

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“It seems like I’m always trapped in a style beyond a heterogeneous appearance of my work. It isn’t bad advertising, but if you really want to feel a connection with my works, you need to be patient and to look closely to more than twenty images. And perhaps contrary to my statement, my style wouldn’t be so difficult understand. Everywhere there is a sort of a struggle between fantasy and at least one kind of realism. I also admit that the manner is as important as the idea itself. Some say that the substance of a style is nowadays just a literary, philosophical concern – mostly when it has something to do with the more popular social involvement. I think that someone’s style doesn’t have to be interconnected with anything social and one can always choose to seek for inspiration in its inner self.

As far as I can say at this moment, my experience with ceramics has two aspects (or constraints). First is the period of apprenticeship, which numbers the last year of my high-school and the years in the University of Arts and Design in Cluj. The other one is my collaboration with Wagner Porcelains. If high-school was rather a period of independence – ceramics was a very late decision. The academic years were a continuous fight with a conservatory approach and, sometimes more frustrating, with the lack of technical possibilities. With Wagner, the limitations went only in the commercial direction. Despite all of this, I totally agree with (some) constraints, which can provide a wide range of surprising solutions.

My porcelain works have a high decorative touch, more in the sense of fashion with all its aspects. Collages and technical varieties are also present in my work, replacing the limitation of the material. With Wagner I only work with white porcelain, though adding my pictures. I am not trying to follow any precise trend, nor Romanian or International; I am only constantly paying attention to everything interesting and meaningful around me.” Bogdan Teodorescu

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2005-2003 – MA, Visual Arts, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania
1999-2003 – BA, University of Arts and Design, Ceramics-Glass-Metal Department, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

– Emerging visual artist based in Bucharest, Romania.
– Active in the field of painting, collage, ceramic design and video.

2011 – The Panther Head, Galeria 26/OTA, Bucharest
2010 – Small Decorative Suffrance, Malagamba Space, Bucharest
2010 – Speed Demon, Bucharest
2007 – Don Quijote sînt eu! [I am don Quixote!], Bucharest
2006 – Stars. Desperately looking for stardom, UNAGaleria, Bucharest,
2005 – Minimaximum’, TNB, Round Hall, Bucharest,
2003 – Il est à moi – Le monde! project, Expotransilvania, Cluj-Napoca /Romania

2010 – Coupé-project, installation,>> NAG (White Night of the Galleries), Bucharest
2010 – Contrasts, digitall collage for public space, Bucharest Subway
2009 – METROart, digitall collages for public space, Bucharest Subway
2008 – The Collection of Laces, installation, painted porcelain, Bucharest
2008 – Smashed Watermelons project, Atelier 35, Bucharest
2008 – Puzzle Project, launched by The National Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest
2007 – Para-Paradjanov Project, Bucharest
2000 – The Cultural Brick, German Cultural Centre, Cluj-Napoca

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