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Katharine Morling is a ceramic artist best known for her life-size black and white sculptures full of quirky, graphic details of domestic objects such as tables, chairs, ladders and lockers. Although she calls herself a ‘3D person’, drawing is very important to Katharine because her sculptures are sketches of furniture items which plays with the viewer’s preconceptions about material and functionality. She crates animated scenes with an unusually dynamic appearance for the medium of ceramics.

The objects can be described as 3 Dimensional drawings, but at first the true nature of the material is not clear: paper or fabric? However, it is clearly ceramic. The eye then re-adjusts within the context of the memories which the material holds. The tactile experience grounds the viewer with the materials solid, cold, hard and fragile reality.

The pieces work together in a tableau staging still lives of everyday objects: table and chairs, tools and cases. Stories start to unravel in the viewer mind: the box that is locked the keys in an open draw. Toys in a case resonate with nostalgia and fantasy. A ladder propped agents a wall suggests that these toys could spring to life and lead an independent existence. A slightly surreal experience is crates when one walks amongst this strange life-sizes tableau.

The monochrome works are mainly porcelain or crank covered in a porcelain slip, before firing a black slip is painted on outlining the works with some details such as a handle or lock painted in.

Katharine Morling’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

2007-2009: MA – Royal College of Art, Glass and Ceramics
2003-2004: DPPP – Cockpit Arts Professional Development Program
2000-2003: Falmouth College of Art: 1st Class BA Hons in Ceramics
1998-2000: Penwith College: A Level Ceramics
1998-1999: Camborn College of Mines: Foundation in Art Therapy
1997-1998: Penwith College: Access in Sociology and Psychology
1990-1991: Mainstone College of Art: Foundation in Art and Design

2008: Design for Waddesdon Manor National Trust
2007: Museum Maker; lead artist with Nottingham Museum
2004: L.E.A.N. Artist in schools teaching ceramics
2002-2003: Film Production; Writing, producing filming and editing
2000-2002: Set design and puppet work shops; Theatre Roto

– First Prize. World Crafts Council Second European Triennial of Ceramic and Glass Mons Belgium 2010
– R.O.S.L. Trophy Commission 2009
– Caroline Frazier Award “RCA First Show” 2007
– Arts Council “Award for the Arts” 2006
– Craft Council “Development Award” 2005

2011: Solo Exhibition March Long and Ryle Gallery London
2011: Collect International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects
2010: European Ceramic Context Denmark
2010: World Crafts Council – Belgique Francophone (Wcc-BF), Second European Triennial of Ceramic and Glass. Nov. Mons Belgium
2010: Andy Balman, “The Room” large private commission, May
2010: Super-Vision, 789 Zone Beijing. Curated by Stephen Higginson
2010: Marsdon Woo, an invitation to show
2010: Long and Ryle, The London Art Fair
2009: ‘The Show’ Royal College of Art
2008: Bond St. window, for Mikimoto
2008: Harrods window, for Chopard
2008: “Reflections” Sir John Sons Museum
2007: “These are a few of my favourite things” Badcocks Gallery
2007: Summer exhibition V&A (Crafts Council)
2006: Design Museum “Falmouth Designs”
2006: V&A, New Show Cases
2006: “Origin” Summerset House
2006: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2006: “Ceramic Art London”
2006: Canary Wharf “Tower Bank Street”
2005: Yorkshire Sculpture Park
2005: Rufford Craft Centre
2005: Craft Council Christmas Show
2005: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2005: Chelsea Crafts Fair
2005: Roger Billcliff Gallery, Focus “New Talent”
2005: Royal College of Art “Ceramic Art London”
2004: Cockpit Arts Christmas Show
2004: The Valley, Carnaby Street
2004: Roger Billcliff Gallery, Glasgow
2004: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2004: “Private View” Designers Guild
2004: V&A Summer Show Wish You Were Here
2004: New Designers One Year On
2004: Cockpit Arts Summer Show
2004: Badcocks Gallery Easter Show
2004: Setting Out, Contemporary Ceramics
2004: Blackheath Gallery, mixed show
2003: Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2003: New Designers Fair, London
2003: Sense of Identity, Ceramics Festival, Truro Museum

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