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Kjersti Lunde Danish Ceramics

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“Every day we are surrounded by objects of different character. Objects we either know from before or new things we’ve never seen. Created by nature or shaped by human hands. We distinguish between the known and unknown, and make new discoveries. What is known from before we often find in our home environment and community, and the more unknown objects we find when traveling or in new surroundings. I approach the objects in the exposition with different artistic strategies, and a transformation process that examines functional, sculptural and cultural issues.

In the selection of an object to work with, I look for what exudes a certain history and experience. By my hand, the objects are then transformed into new stories, and re-created objects. The original objects emerge as raw materials, in which their parts are recreated into wholes, with a desire to capture the time between past and present. The intention is to add something new and different to an object’s inherent character. Together these objects link together as small elements in a storytelling collection, and reveal a hidden story.” Kjersti Lunde

Kjersti Lunde’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

2006-2008 – Master of the Arts, Bergen National Academy of the Arts 
2003-2006 – Bachelor in Arts, Section for Applied Art – Ceramic
2005 – Exchange student atGlasgow School of Art 
2002-2003 – Agder Folkehøgskole, Ceramics

2011 – ”Genskapte Gjenstandar”, Galleri Giga, Stord (Solo) 
2011 – ”Vevringutstilliga 2011”, Vevring
2011 – ”The Orion Cone Box Show and Exhibiotion” Show on display during NCECA conference in Tampa USA 
2010 – ”Ceramics – The new Generation”, The Showroom/ ”L”Atelie Paris
2010 – ”The Orion Cone Box Show” Lawrence Art Center
2009 – ”Forward Trawelling”, Svinviks Arboret Todalen 
2009 – ”Adam and Eve and After”, Skånevik 
2009 – ”In a House” Jåstad in Hardanger
2009 – Network 2008 Danish Ceramicmuseum Grimmerhus 
2008 – Network 2008 BOTEX gallery Skælskør Denmark
2008 – ”Foajèutstilling” Kunsthuset Kabuso 
2008 – ”Sildafabrikken presents”, Skånevik 
2008 – ”Tomorrow`s parties” MA Graduationshow, Bergen Kunsthall 
2007 – ”Hardangerutstillingen”, Hardanger Folkmuseum, Utne 
2007 – ”Metamorfose”, Skånevik 
2007 – ”Global Table”, Vestlandske kunstindustrimuseum, 
2007 – ”It`s like opening a door”, 1st year MA exhibition at Visningsrommet USF Bergen
2006 – “Global Table”, Jingdezhen, China 
2006 – Summerexhibition at Kunstnerlaget Njardarlog, Årbakka Tysnes,
2006 – BA-graduationshow, Bergen National Academy of The Arts

2008 – Network 08/09 A six weeks long work period at Guldagergaard, International Reaserch Center for Ceramics, Denmark
2006 – Global Table A four weeks long project arranged by Bergen National Academy of the Arts and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China

2010 – Ceramic – the new generation, Wcc-Europe Catalog
2008 – Project NETWORK 08/09 Catalog
2008 – Norwegian Artyearbook 
2008 – Kunnsthåndtverk nr 2. 
2008 – Tomorrows Parties, Catalog, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

– NK Norwegian Association of Arts & Crafts

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