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Teresa and Helena Jane (THJane) Ceramics

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Featured in Ceramics Now Magazine – Issue Two

“10 Years of art and skill.
From the idea to action and from this to the final product is a long and arduous journey for four hands.

We create and produce contemporary pieces with message.
Devoutly, seriously, exclusively, dangerously, carefully and – why not say it? – perfectly. Pieces that tell universal or personal stories, sad or happy ones, with horror by the easy effect, the déjà vu or the vain brightness.
Common denominator is almost always the ceramic and the pursuit of happy marriage between tradition and innovation.
Playing with fire is a tough one …

Those who closely follow this trip: Continue with us!
To those who have just arrived: Welcome!” THJané

Teresa & Helena Jané’s C.V.’s (resumes) – View their works

Teresa Jané
2003 – Present – Corporate identity, cover and illustration for the company Evoramos Editores, Lda (http://evoramons.com/)
2002 – Present – Artist and co-owner of the THJané project (www.thjane.blogspot.com)
1996 – Present – freelance designer in the following areas: Graphic packaging and publications, Corporate identity and illustration
1996 – Visual Design, degree, IADE, Lisbon (Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing)
1992 – Graphic Arts and Communication, Lisbon (Escola de Artes Decorativas António Arroio)

Helena Jané
2002 – Present – Artist and co-owner of the THJané project
2000 to 2002 – Training of Trainers of Trainers for the company CONFIRH, Lda, Lisbon
1996 to 1998 – Technical collaboration in the Training of Trainers activity promoted by the institute ISQ, TagusPark, Lisbon (Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade)
1996 – Training of Trainers of Trainers course, 1200 hours, FOM, Lisbon (Fundação Oliveira Martins)
1995 – Business Management, degree, ISCTE, Lisbon (Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa)
1987 to 1990 – Sales promotion for the company Velacar Ltd, Cascais

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