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Jason Hackett

Jason Hackett Contemporary Ceramics

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"I understand the world in an evocative fashion and view my artworks as both physical and philosophical memorials to ‘Closeness’. During the construction of new works in series, I commonly consider ideas such as the value of community and family, the honesty of both gross and tedious labor, and the mysteriousness of the metaphysical.

I primarily construct pieces using my hands and molding methods while also using found manufactured ceramics. Captured materials, images and forms; of man and of machine; from immediate and distant pasts are merged in commemorative context where contemplation defines their functional nature. Individually they are cups, plaques, and cultural icons made in clay. Collectively, they express proximity and distance, material and immaterial, and both the tangible and intangible.” Jason Hackett

Jason Hackett's C.V. (resume) - View his works

- Master of Fine Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
- Bachelor of Science, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
- Associate of Liberal Arts, Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH

(*indicates solo and two-person exhibitions)
2013 - Going Big (in conjunction with NCECA), Betz Gallery, Houston, TX
- *Solo Exhibition, Little Gallery, Bowling Green State University, Firelands College, Huron, OH
2012 - *Destinations and Passageways: Meditations on the Middle
- St. Louis Community College Forest Park, St. Louis, MO
- Small Favors VII, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
2011 - Tacit, The Visual Art Center, Richmond, VA
2010 - Ceramic Sculpture 2010, Mill Gallery, Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT (Juror: Lisa Wolkow)
- Small Wonder, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
2009 - IX International Biennale of Ceramic Art, Museum of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
- Small Wonder, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
- Room for Eleven (in conjunction with NCECA), RJP Nomadic gallery, Phoenix, AZ (Juror: John Balistreri)
2008 - Endangered?, Gloria Kennedy Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY
- Not Fit for Human Consumption, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA
2007 - *Range, Test Pattern Gallery, Scranton, PA
2006 - ZC Collections, Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts, Chelsea, NY
- Preservation, Suraci Gallery, Marywood University, Scranton, PA
- *Exspirimenterial, Bailey Gallery , Murphysboro, IL
- *Re-Inspired, Fred J. Taylor Library and Technical Center Art Gallery, University of Arkansas, Monticello, Arkansas
- Teapot Invitational, Fred J. Taylor Library and Technical Center Art Gallery, University of Arkansas, Monticello, AR   
2005 - Material Matters, Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts, Chelsea, NY (Curator: Howard Risatti)
- Sweet Substitute, Stevenson Blanche Gallery, Cal Arts, Valencia, CA
- VCU at NCECA, Pearl Gallery, Baltimore, MD
- *MFA Thesis Exhibition, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA
2004 - Top Shelf, VCU School of the Arts Gallery Annex, Richmond, VA (Curator: Lisa Schroeder)
- Southeastern Regional Juried Exhibition, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL (Juror: Sean Ulmer)
- Juried Biennial, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, VA (Juror: Carrie Przybilla)
- Hodgepodge, VCU School of the Arts Gallery, Richmond, VA
- Amazing Clay II Invitational, Staunton Augusta Art Center, Staunton, VA
- Candid, Plant Zero, Richmond, VA
- Casserole, Artworks, Richmond, VA
2003 - Pewabic Pottery Alumni Exhibition, Scarab Club, Detroit, MI
- Faculty Exhibition, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI
- Group Exhibition, Buckham Gallery,Flint, MI
2002 - Faculty Exhibition, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI
- Omaha Area Artists, Fluxion Gallery, Omaha, NE
- Wood Fired Invitational, Artspace Gallery, Omaha, NE
- Chairity, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE
- Assistance, Graham Gallery, Hastings, NE
1999 - Cambridge Area Ceramic Artists Exhibition, Historical Society,
Cambridge, WI (Curator: Brad Wells)
1997-98 - Student Art Exhibition, Dorothy Bryan Gallery, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

2007-Present - Full-time Faculty/Technician, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
- CRAF 342 Advanced Ceramics Wheel throwing
- CRAF 547 Ceramic Technology
- CRAF591 Special Topics, Graduate Critique
2006-2007 - Studio Resident and Part-time Faculty, Marywood University, Scranton, PA   
- ART 463 Ceramics III
- ART 363 Ceramics I
- ART 212 Three-Dimensional Design
2003-2005 - Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
- CRAF 241 Beginning Hand building
- CRAF 242 Beginning Wheel throwing
2002-2003 - Adjunct Faculty, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
- DCE 105 Beginning Wheel throwing
- DCE 205 Intermediate Wheel throwing
- DCE 305 Advanced Wheel throwing
2003-2001 - Instructor, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI
- Beginning Wheel throwing
- Advanced Wheel throwing
- Basic Ceramics
- Raku Firing
- Salt and Soda Firing
2001-2003 - Education Studio Manager/Technician, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI
- Responsible for materials, inventory and ordering
- Visiting Artist and Workshop coordinator
- Repaired studio equipment and tools, plumbing, organized and fired kilns and oversaw studio operations
1998-2001 - Studio Coordinator, Jun Kaneko Studio, Omaha, NE,
- Coordinator of studio schedule and staff organization, fabrication, maintenance and repairs of building and equipment, inventory

2005 - VCU School of the Arts Travel Grant, Virginia Commonwealth University
- Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Virginia Commonwealth University
2004 - Barbara Ellen Powers Memorial Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University
- VCU Department of Crafts Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University
- VCU School of the Arts Travel Grant, Virginia Commonwealth University
2003 - Department of Crafts Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University
1998 - Honorable Mention, Student Art Exhibition, Bowling Green State University

2011 - Lecture, Visual Art Center, Richmond, VA
2009 - Lecture, Portland Community College, Portland, OR
2007 - Lecture, Marywood University, Scranton, PA
2005 - Graduate Student Slide Lecture NCECA, Baltimore, MD
2004 - Graduate Student Slide Lecture, NCECA, Indianapolis, IN

- MFA Factor, Virginia Commonwealth University, ceramicartsdaily.org, October 15, 2010
- MFA Factor, Virginia Commonwealth University, Ceramics Monthly, September 2010
- Jason Hackett, Artist Feature, Sukijin Choi, Korean Times, Washington DC, August 2010
- Guilford Ceramic Sculpture Exhibit Review, Judy Birke, New Haven Register, July 11,2010
- Jason Hackett, Sukjin Choi, Ceramic Art Monthly (Korea), April 2010
- Recent Work Forum, A Dialog with Jason Hackett, Jordan Taylor http://jordantaylor.us/blog/?m=201003, March 2010
- IX International Ceramic Biennale, Exhibition Catalog, July 2009
- The Crisis of the Object in Western Culture, Howard Risatti, Ceramic Art Monthly (Korea), January 2009
- Exspirimenterially Foam-o-licious, The Nightlife, May 2006
- Top Shelf, Exhibition Catalogue, April, 2004
- Southeastern Juried Exhibition, Exhibition Catalog, October 2004

2013 - National Ceramic Invitational, Co-founder/Curator, Visual Art Center
Richmond, VA (upcoming)
2010 - Monster Drawing Rally, Participant, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
2009 - Primitive Pottery Technical Demonstration, Dept. of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
2008 - Craft Fountainhead Resident Committee, Member, Virginia Commonwealth University
2008 - BFA Exhibition, Coordinator, Virginia Commonwealth University
2007 - Junior Portfolio Review Committee, Member, Marywood University
2006 - National Portfolio Days, Representative, Marywood University Faculty, Corcoran School of Art
- Graduate Student Committee, Member, Marywood University
- Jeff Vick Exhibition, Curator, Test Pattern Gallery, Scranton, PA
2005 - NCECA, Representative, Virginia Commonwealth University
2004 - Visiting Artist, Coordinator for Anton Reijnders, Virginia Commonwealth University
2003 - Visiting Artist, Coordinator for John Balistreri, Stan Welsh and Ron Meyers Workshop, Pewabic Pottery
2002 - Raku Fundraiser, Demonstrator, Fundraiser for Education Department, Pewabic Pottery

- Marywood University, Scranton, PA
- City Museum of Aviero, Aviero, Portugal

- Artaxis.org
- International Ceramic Directory
- National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts

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