About us

Ceramics Now is an independent art publication and magazine specialized in contemporary ceramics. With contributors from around the world, we are a small organization established to promote and document contemporary ceramic art and empower artists working with ceramics.

Founded by Vasi Hirdo in 2010, the web publication offers a curated selection of art projects and publishes articles and in-depth interviews with world-renowned and emerging ceramic artists.

Since 2020, we run Ceramics Now Weekly, a newsletter dedicated to contemporary ceramics written by the founding editor. Every other week, over 8,000 subscribers receive the newsletter in their inbox.

In the past, we published Ceramics Now Magazine, a journal that invited us to think about the various facets of contemporary ceramics and its creators. Published on quality paper, it is now only available in digital format.

Ceramics Now is funded by direct contributions from readers like you. If you enjoy reading Ceramics Now and you’d like to see us move forward, please consider donating or becoming a paying subscriber to our weekly newsletter.

Thank you for your reading about us.