Ceramics Now continually accepts artist submissions and exhibition press releases, as well as proposals for feature articles.

The editor’s email address:

If you are interested in getting an article published with Ceramics Now, please send a proposal to the editor.

If you are interested in promoting a ceramics exhibition or other event in our News section, send us the press release and at least one relevant image. Also include image captions: author, title, year, materials, dimensions, photo credits.

If you would like to get your artwork published, send us an email with the information below:

For your profile: biography, artist statement, and résumé (short CV).

For each submitted project or series—maximum four proposals:
– Title of the project or series;
– Statement of the project or series (not required, but highly recommended);
– 6-15 images at minimum 1200px on the shortest side;
– Photo captions: title, year, materials, dimensions, photo credits.

We highly recommend using a file sharing service like, WeTransfer or Dropbox for sending large files. We prefer .doc and .docx files rather than .pdf’s.

Thank you for your interest in Ceramics Now!