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Michal Fargo Contemporary ceramics from Israel

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"In my work, I am driven by textures, materials and non-traditional working methods.

The main subject I deal with is the thin line between imitation and interpretation - My work portraits the contrast between an urban lifestyle and a remote admiration of nature. When I work, I use the most naive and (sometimes) barbaric technique swhile facing industrial materials. I try to capture a longing for authentic nature and at the same time to celebrate its progress and many benefits, and perhaps combine both emotions into one.

If I had to sum my main ambition in my work I would say that I seek authenticity that comes from a personal aesthetic perception. The fine definitions of art, craft and design seem to me unnecessary in relation to my work. While working on a piece, it is not so much a ‘narrative’ that I’m after, but rather, visibility and the abstract feelings that may be summoned by viewing the form. 

As an artist I would like to think that I am a highly individual maker searching for an aesthetic vision that would be completely my own.” Michal Fargo

+972 542549336

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born in 1984, lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

2007-2011 - Graduate of the Bezalel academy of art and design Jerusalem; B.A from the ceramic design department, expertise in ceramic Design and pottery

2013 - The 2nd Kaolin Grand Prix, Jingdezhen, China - Bronze award for Modern Ceramic Art
2012 - BCA 2012, Biennale de la Céramique, 2ND place
- Sidney Myer and the Shepparton Art Museum award for international artist
2011 - Winner of the Binyamini first studio scholarship
2010 - “The intelligent hand” competition by Designboom and Macef international; 2 shortlist entries: Handy nut, Contemporary craft

2014 - (Upcoming) Double exhibition at the Binyamini Ceramic Center, Israel
2013 - Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair, China
- Kapfenberg Ceramic Biennale, Austria
- Aviero Ceramic Biennale, Portugal (catalog)
- “shift”, group exhibition curated by Shlomit Bauman and Ravit Lazer at the Binyamini center in Tel Aviv
2012 - “Super Bowl”, ceramics exhibition at Tel Aviv’s opera house by Israel’s ceramic association, curated by Esther Beck
- “Else”, Solo exhibition at the Shepparton art museum Australia curated by Elise Routledge (catalog)
- Right here, right now, group exhibition with “4n5 Design Group”
- BCA 2012 - Biennale of contemporary ceramics- Belgium
2011 - “Animals in the farm”, curated by Eran Erlich, group exhibition at “The Farm” gallery, Holon
- “Young Israeli designers” curated by Alon Razgur, group exhibition at the station compound Tel Aviv
- Bezalel graduate exhibition, curated by Eran Erlich
2010 - “handle with care”, group exhibition curated by Emmy Shahar at Design space” gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 - Teacher in the School Of Visual Art in Beer Sheva
2012-2013 - Adama Ceramic Studio
2012-Present - Typical Local design studio
2011-2012 - Instructor of ceramic sculpting at the Binyamini 
2011-Present - Freelance mold maker
2011-2012 - Instructor of ceramic sculpting at Matnas Ramot
- Workshop manager at the Binyamini Foundation
2011-Present - Writer for Israeli design blog Redesign
2011 - Instructor of ceramic sculpting at the Philip Leon community center
2010-2011 - Workshop assistant at the Bezalel Academy
2009-2011 - Teachers assistant at the Bezalel Academy
2009 - Pottery instructor, Ein Yael active museum

- SAM catalogue for the Sidny Myer award exhibition
- “eco style”, Dopress Books
- Designboom- “else” (graduation project)
- Design break (Israel) - one on one interview
- Yanko design- “we p” unisex urinal
- Yanko design- handy nut
- Re-design (Israel) - handy nut
- Holon design museum online magazine- “else”
- Interior design magazine, new york, October 2011 issue (print).

- The Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum
- The Holon Design Museum collection, Else project
- The Marge Goldwater collection, Else project
- The Shepparton Art Museum’s collection, Else project
- The Materials Library Holon, Else project

- Shepperton Art Museum, Australia - a personal presentation, participation in a panel talk discussing modern ceramics and a master class presentation
- RMIT Collage, Melbourne - presentation for students at the ceramic department
- Shenkar collage, Israel - presentation for students at the external studies department

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