Andrea Scholze

Andrea Scholze is a Norwegian artist who was born in Oslo in 1988. She began her studies at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2011, completing first a Bachelor of Fine Arts, then, in 2016, a Master of Fine Arts specializing in Medium and Material based Art. She established her eponymous studio that same year in Oslo, where she continues to live and work.

Scholze works sculpturally and on installation pieces, primarily using ceramics. She usually works with highfired stoneware and rawglaze her sculptures.

Her sculptural and figurative works tend towards an organic aesthetic, seeking to capture form and motion rather than achieving polished, static, perfection. In several works other materials are present, interacting with the ceramics. Roughly modelled sculptures with an expressive, often bleak look, has been a trademark of her practice for a long time. Themes concerning the more existential and evolutionary are pervasive in her works, often centred around man’s destructive nature.

Through individual sculptures she channels emotions and tells stories. She also creates stenographic installation environments that present the viewer with a larger visible part of a scenario.

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Featured work

I don’t belong, 2015-2019

Andrea Scholze Ceramics

Selected works, 2014-2019

Andrea Scholze Ceramic art

A Brief Moment in Time, 2018

Andrea Scholze Ceramics

From the Ascending Sun, 2016

Andrea Scholze Ceramic art