Anne-Laure Cano

Anne-Laure Cano is a ceramic artist born in Bordeaux, France. She has lived for 14 years in the UK and studied ceramics in London where she graduated from City Lit College in 2017. She recently relocated to Spain.

Anne-Laure’s practice is led by material, process and meaning. Her work explores the themes of identity, memory, and sense of belonging. She examines the properties of clay material through a process of breaking and reassembling her pieces. Her intriguing abstract sculptures emerge from an experimental approach to clay twisting pulling and mixing various clay with found object and organic components. The lines of stress, cracks and distortion resulting from pushing the material to its limits as well as the unanticipated results from firings, explore our duality between fragility and resilience.

Cano’s work has been shown nationally and internationally. In 2021 she was awarded with the First Prize at the CERCO International Ceramics Prize in Zaragoza, Spain as well as the Pujol and Bausis Prize at the Angelina Alós International Ceramics Biennale in Barcelona, Spain. In 2020 she was selected with the Eutectic collective of artists to undertake an art residency in St Ives – UK as part of the Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada pottery centenary celebrations.

Selected for the International Ceramics Fair in Andenne in Belgium in spring 2022, Anne-Laure has additionally shown at Puls Gallery in Brussels, at the New Designers Fair in London as well as with Mint Shop for the London Design Festival. Her work is now in private and public collection such as the Ceramics Museum of La Rajoleta in Barcelona and in the permanent collection of contemporary ceramics at CERCO in Zaragoza.

Anne-Laure’s latest series of work, Ussade, based on her recent experience of relocating to a new country is a reflection on limitation and adaptation. This new body of work is currently shown in a solo show until the 6th of November in Zaragoza where she was invited by the CERCO international Ceramics Festival. She will also be showing pieces from the series Ussade in a group show from 25th October until the end of November in Barcelona at the Associació Ceramistes de Catalunya.

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Featured work

Ussade, 2022

Anne-Laure Cano Ceramics