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Dark, somber and foreboding, Arthur Gonzalez’s works encourage serious deliberation and reflection on the relationship between personal concerns and world issues. Raw in form, lacking in smoothness and rough in finish, the ceramic sculptures give glimpses of a conversation or a contemplation in progress. Gonzalez’s creations of ceramic and found objects reveal visions and feelings that are not polished but ongoing processes of gyrating thoughts and churning emotions that threaten to erupt into reality and consciousness to defy the fantasy of a peaceful experience.

Aesthetically, his work balances between painting and sculpture, clay figures with blown glass, and horsehair and natural sponges. The understanding that these elements are not “found objects” or even mixed media but closer to the ideas of “material” by Joseph Beays. The figures are a devise to trigger our need to see “narrative” which is a support system for the symbols and the material. These pieces are constructed in such a manner that some pieces are literally and metaphorically in balance with a degree of fulcrum-like equation.  Consequently, there is a symbiotic relationship, the sculpture becomes a metaphor for the dialogue and the dialogue is ushered in by the sculpture.

Arthur Gonzalez received his MFA degree at the University of California at Davis. He studied under Robert Arneson. Manuel Neri and Wayne Thiebaud. He is an internationally exhibited artist with over 35 one-person shows in the last 25 years. He has received many awards, including two Virginia Groot Foundation awards,and an unprecedented four-time recipient of the National Endowment of the Arts award. He is a tenured professor at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, He also has been awarded many residencies including the Pilchuck Glass School, and the Tainan University of Art in Taiwan. Gonzalez advises his students to rid themselves of the process normally associated with ceramics, get past things that are supposedly bad technique (like epoxy in cracks), colve problems creatively and remember spirit when making work.

→ Arthur Gonzalez is on the front-cover of the first printed issue of Ceramics Now Magazine – Issue nr. 1, with Hobbled (detail).

Arthur Gonzalez’s C.V. (resume) – View his works


1981 – M.F.A., University of California, Davis. (sculpture)
1979 – M.A., California State University, Sacramento (painting)
1977 – B.A., California State University, Sacramento

2010 – Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia “Arthur Gonzalez”*
– John Natsoulas Gallery , Davis, CA., “Read”
– Lamar Dodd School of Art Gallery , University of Georgia, Athens Art Gallery, “@ Last”
2009 – Harvey/Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO., “Morning Suites”*
2007 – John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “A Question of Balance”
2006 – Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan, “Arthur Gonzalez, Personal Exhibition”
John – Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA, “Sour Grapes” works on rejection slips
2004 – Daum Museum, Sedalia, Missouri, “Bay Area Ceramic Sculptors: Second Generation”
– Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, New Mexico “Arthur Gonzalez”
2003 – St. Louis Community College, St Louis, Missouri.“What Tool Must I use… The work of Arthur Gonzalez”
– John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis California. “Saging”
– Noel Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina. “Arthur Gonzalez”
2002 – John Elder Gallery, New York , New York “The Horizon is Sitting Beside You”
2000 – Delta College Art Gallery, Stockton, CA. “`The View From The Equator: Arthur Gonzalez, A Survey Exhibition, 1985-2000”
– Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. “The Cadence of Stupidity”
1999 – Jon Elder Gallery, New York, NY. “The Cadence of Stupidity”
– Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA.“The Cadence of Stupidity”work inspired by the Carlo CollodiStory
– Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon, “Arthur Gonzalez”
1998 – Scripps Annual Invitational, Scripps College, Claremont, CA. “Arthur Gonzalez”
1997 – Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. “Above and Below”
– University Art Gallery, California State University, Chico “One’s Own Spirit”
1996 – Cuesta College Art Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA. “Open Books, Open Minds”
1995 – John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “Summer Subjects”
– Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, New York, “Arthur Gonzalez”
1994 – Monique Knowlton Gallery/Kent, Kent, CT., “Arthur Gonzalez”
1992 – John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA., “At Heart Level” (catalog)
1991 – Creative Growth Gallery, Oakland, CA, “Out of Bounds”
– Koplin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA., “Hybrids: New Sculpture”
1990 – Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA., “Drawings from Purgatory and Limbo”
– Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, “Arthur Gonzalez: Survey of Work 1982-1989”
– California College of Arts & Crafts Downtown Gallery,Oakland,CA.“Arthur Gonzalez”
1988 – Natsoulas/Noveloso Gallery, Davis, CA., “Before and After Greece”
– Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan “Arthur Gonzalez”
– Sharpe Gallery, New York, New York, “Messengers & Travelers”
1987 – Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, CA., “Two Weeks in Hawaii”
– Himovitz/ Solomon Gallery, Sacramento, CA, “Drawings and Monotypes”
1986 – The Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, “Ceramic Sculpture”
– Himovitz/Solomon Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Highway Pi”
– Sharpe Gallery, New York, New York, “Arthur Gonzalez”
1985 – Sharpe Gallery, New York, New York, “Arthur Gonzalez”
1984 – University Art Gallery, University of Georgia, Athens. “Arthur Gonzalez”
– Himovitz/Solomon Gallery, Sacramento, CA., “Return”
– Sharpe Gallery, New York, New York, “Arthur Gonzalez”
1983 – Gallery II, Baton Rouge, LA. “Modern Art For The Serious Home”
1982 – University Art Gallery, University of Georgia, Athens. “Junior Artist-in-Residence”
1981 – Richard Nelson Gallery, University of California, Davis, “A Man & His City”
1980 – The Candy Store Gallery, Folsom, CA, “The Rabbit Hunt”

2011 – Patina Gallery, “Benefit Exhibitio n for Penland School of Crafts”, Sante Fe, New Mexico
2010 – Arrowmont Main Gallery, “Figurative Association: The Human Form in Clay” Gatlinburg, TN*
– The Dairy Barn Art Center, “Transcending the Figure” Athens, Ohio
2009 – CCA Gallery, “Book/Text” California College of the Arts, Oakland Ca
– San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. San Jose, Calif.
– Victoria Boyce Gallery, “ Human Narritives” Scottsdale, Arizona
– John Natsoulas Gallery, “Thirty Ceranic Sculptors” Davis, California
– Northern Clay Center, “ Contemporary Monsters”, Minniapolis, Minnisota
2008 – Standard Ceramic Supply Company. Carnegie, PA. “Muchachos”
– SOFA Chicago . John Natsoulas Gallery
– Blue Line Gallery, “Eccentric Imagery” , Roseville, California
– LoBot Gallery, “Resurrection: The Dead Space Show” East Oakland, California
– WestchesterArts Cuncil, “Confrontaional Ceramics”, curated by Judith Schwartz, White Plains NY
– Sacramento Public Library, “TB-9 Revisited”, Sacramento, CA.
– Natsoulas Gallery.”Thirty Ceramics Sculptors”, Davis, California
– Museo Internazionale di Arti Applicate Oggi, “The Grand Ceramics Theatre” Torino, Italy
– Lamar Dodd Art Center, “LaGrange National,” LaGrange, Georgia
– Aspen Art Museum, “ARAC@AAM: Anderson Ranch at the Aspen Att Museum”, Aspen CO.
2007 – Santa Fe Clay, “Seven Deadly Sins”, Sante Fe, New Mexico
– John Natsoulas Gallery, SOFA Art Fair, Chicago Navy Pier, Chicago, Illonois
– University of California Santa Cruz, “Nor Cal Clay”
– University of Akron Art Gallery, Akron, Ohio, “All the Difference: Works in Clay”
– Turman Lrson Contemporary, Helena, Montana, “Northwest Figurative Ceramic Sculpture”
– John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, California “30 Ceramic Sculptors” CCACA Conference
– Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA, “Dirty Dozen”
– Natsoulas Gallery,Louisiville Convention Center, Louiville, Kentucky, SOFA /NCECA
– Danny Simmons Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York “3Dc: Discover, Define and Discuss
Contemporary Craft”
2006 – The UBS Art Gallery. New York, NY “Along the Way,:MTA Arts for Transit:20 Years of Public Art
– Oregon College of Art & Craft Hoffman Gallery in the Centrum Building. Portland “Cruder”
– The Parkland Art Gallery, Champaign, IL. “Biennial Ceramics Invitatinal 2006”
– Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe , New Mexico “Tell Me A Story”
– Oliver Art Center, Oakland California, “On Making”
– Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Montgomery, Alabama “Poetic Expressions of Mortality”
– Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama “Poetic Expressions of Mortality’ Porter Price Collection
– Xen Gallery, Sanit Louis, Missouri, “Likeness / The Human Form in Clay”
2005 – Santa Fe Clay, New Mexico, “Cups, Cups, Cups”
– Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, CA. “Fired At Davis: Ross Turk Collection”
– Ice Box Project Space Philadelphia, PA. “Operation Rapid American Withdrawal 1970-2005”
– The Art Foundry Gallery. Sacramento, CA. “From Tiles to Totems”
– Santa Fe Clay, New Mexico “American Masters 2000-2005”
– Lacoste Gallery, Concord, MA, “Vanitas: Transient Treasures”
– Creative Alliance, Baltimore Maryland “Pygmalion’s Gaze Reimagined: The Figure in
Contemporary Ceramics
2004 – The Union Gallery, University of California Davis, “The Eve Aesthetic”
– Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, New Mexica, “Election 2004”
– Mason Muller Fine Arts, Atlanta,GA. “The Fall Show”
– Fuller Museum of Art, Lincoln, Mass.“The Perfect Collection: A Shared Vision for Contemporary Craft
– Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, “The Nature of Craft and The Penland Experience”
2003 – Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. “The Plot Hill Collection of Conemporary Art”
– Santa Fe Clay Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico “Hundreds of Cups”
– Museum of Arts & Sciences, Macon, Georgia, “Trans-mission”
2002 – University of Northern Iowa, UNI Gallery of Art, Cedar Falls, Iowa, “Figured Ceramics”
– University of Southern Maine, Art Gallery, Gorham “Pushing Clay”
– Penland School of Craft, Penland, North Carolina. “Relevance of Making”
– Chicago Navy Pier, Chicago. Ill. , “Virginia Groot Award Recipients”
– Woodbury Gallery at Utah Valley State College. “The 17th Annual 30 Ceramic Sculptors”
– Craft Alliance, Saint Louis, Missouri, “The Body in Clay” (curated by Joe Bova)
– Dirt Gallery, Kansas City , Missouri, “Crude”
– Byron Cohen Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri “Fired Up”
2001 – Yoju Livingware Gallery, Kyunggido , Korea “World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea”
– Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, “NCECA WOCEK Exhibition”
– Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM. “Birds, Beasts and Little Fishes”
– Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Private Eye”
– DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MASS, “Terrors and Wonders: Monsters in Contemporary Art”
– Benefit Auction for the Mendacino Art Center, Davis. CA. “The Gegnome Project”
– John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “The Holiday Group Show”
– Flint Institute of Arts, Flint , MI. “Confrontational Clay, the artist as social critic
– Springfield Museum of Art., Springfield, OH. “Confrontational Clay”
– The Middlebury College Museum of Art, Middlebury, VT. “Confrontational Clay”
2000 – Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. “Perching of the Soul”
– – Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA. “From the Fire: Figures in Ceramic”
– The Mint Museum of Craft and Design , Charlotte, NC. “The Chasanoff Collection”
– The Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, “Confrontational Clay”
– Philharmonic Center or the Arts,Naples,Fla.,“Confrontational Clay, the artist as social critic”
– University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fla., “Confrontational Clay, the artist as social critic”
– The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO., “A Glimpse of the Invisable”
– The NCECA 2000 Invitational Exhibition (catalog)
– Encina Art Gallery, Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Heart of the Future: part 3”
– Nicholas Davies Gallery, New York, NY., “Ruling Passions”
1999 – b. sakata garo, Sacramento, CA “Group Show”
– Riley HawkGallery,Columbus, Ohio“Looking in theMirror: AspectsofFigurativeCeramics”
1998 – Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA, “Drop/Add”
– Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA “More Than Clay” the Toki Collection of Ceramics
– Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “All Creatures Great & Small” (also 1986-1997)
– Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “Thirty Ceramic Sculptors” (also 1986-1997)
– SMUD building Lobby Gallery, Sacramento,CA. “Four on the Wall”
– The Lef Foundation, St. Helena, CA.,”Sculptural Perspectives for the New Millennium”
– Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA, “More Than Clay: The Toki Collection of Ceramics”
– Pence Gallery, Davis, CA. “More Than Clay: The Toki Collection of Ceramics”
1997 0 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. “Califonria State Univ. Sacto. 50th Aniversery Exhibition”
– American River College Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Many People/ Many Media”
– Oliver Art Center,Oakland, CA., “Ceramic Still Life: The Common Object” (catalog)
– Barrick Museum, University of Nevada, Las Vegas“NCECA Clay National 1997”
– Bally’s Las Vegas, Nevada, NCECCA,“Salt & Pepper”
– Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Class Reunion: CSUS/50”
– Udinatti Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona.
– SOFA Art Fair, Miami, Florida, Susan Cummins Booth
– Nevada Institute of Contemporary Art, Las Vegas, NV. “New Movement in Contemporary
– Lifesize Figurative Ceramic Sculpture”
– Art Department Gallery, Santa Clara University, CA.“Ceramics Invitational”
– Barton County Community College Shafer Art Gallery, Great Bend, Kansas. “From Plastic Form to Printer’s Plate”
1996 – McDonough Museum of Art Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio. “From
– Plastic Form to Printer’s Plate”
– Irving Arts Center, Irving, Texas, “From Plastic Form to Printer’s Plate”
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– – Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio. “From Plastic Form to Printer’s Plate” Udinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Maple Hill Gallery, West Stockbridge, MA, “The second annual “Berkshire Clay National”
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– UniversityArtGallery,SonomaStateUniv.Rohnert Park,CA,“CLAY RecentCeramicSculpture”
– The Colorado College, Coburn Gallery, “American Figurative Clay”,Colorado Springs,CO
1995 – The Lamont Gallery. Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire, “From Plastic
Form to Printer’s Plate”
– Navy Pier, Chicago, SOFA Exposition.
– IV Mostra Mercato, Faenza, Italy “La Ceramica Del ‘900”
– Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA. “Chicano/Latino Art”
– John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA. “The Figure”
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1994 – Los Angeles International Art Fair, “Art L.A.. Exposition, (also 1990-1993)
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– Media; Within and beyond Traditions.”
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1993 – Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, CA, “Small Scale Sculpture”
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1987 – Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, OK, “The Eloquent Object”
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1984 – Artist’s Space, New York, NY, “New Galleries From the Lower East Side”
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1983 – Sharpe Gallery, New York, New York., “Self Image”
– Sharpe Gallery, New York, NY, “Sex!”
1982 – Hecsher Museum, Long Island, N.Y., “Selections from the Daniel Jacobs Collection”

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