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→ Claire Muckian is an exhibiting artist at the first edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

“Lying somewhere between contemporary ceramics and sculpture, my work presents a hybrid of both disciplines.

Currently, the work centres on obscure, hidden and uncontrolled spaces that arise through the ceramic making process. I construct using fine hand-building techniques such as pinching and coiling to form thin walls. By making in this way, interesting spaces present themselves, whilst also highlighting the dialogue between the interior and exterior. Lattice-work (alternating bands of supports and rows) enables me to construct delicate structures that are at once open and closed. Often, I use motifs to denote meaning.

Drawing is important and informs my work throughout all stages. The objects I make fall somewhere between drawing and sculpture.

Materially, I use a variety of different clays such as porcelain, terracotta and stoneware clays. In particular, I enjoy using porcelain, which I exploit for its delicacy and translucence. Sometimes I introduce a variety of mixed media such as wax. Works range in scale from the intimate to large scale.

I strive towards the qualities of anonymous art. Paring back to pure, multi-referencing and ambiguous elements, I draw influence from concentrated forms such as menhirs, circles and lozenges. Abstract, yet familiar, these are objects that appeal to the archaic content of the mind where the viewer might approach some form of recognition.” Claire Muckian

Claire Muckian’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

2008-2011 – Arts, Fine and Applied (BA Hons), University of Ulster, York Street, Belfast, BT15 1ED.
2007-2008 – Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, University of Ulster, York Street, Belfast, BT15 1ED.
2002-2003 – MSc. Sustainable Development, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin 1. Graduated in 2004.
1999-2002 – Batchelor of Arts Degree (Geography and Irish), University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4.

Aug 2010 – Sept 2010 – Assistantship, I was accepted to undertake the Assistantship Programme at the International Ceramic Research Center, Guldagergaard, Denmark. I gained practical experience in an international studio working with studio administrators and international artists. By assisting these artists, I learned many valuable practical skills and techniques and made new international connections in the field of contemporary ceramic art.

2009 – Group At least thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird, The Naughton Gallery, Lanyon Building, Queen’s University, Belfast, BT7 1NN.
2010 – Two Person Show _Between Form and Space_ SpaceCraft, 9b The Fountain Centre, College Street, Belfast.
2010 – Group Slow Burn, SpaceCraft, 9b The Fountain Centre, College Street, Belfast.

– Untitled I and II (At least thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird) Private Collection

2010 – Awarded the Richard K Degenhardt Belleek Collectors’ Scholarship in Ceramics and Celtic Studies 2010

– Member of Visual Artists Ireland
– Member of the Craft and Design Collective

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