Ellen Ehk

Ellen Ehk is a Swedish artist recognised for her work depicting forms found in old-growth forests.

A lifelong communion with nature has taught her to hear a voice that is calling uniquely to her. Her revelations, interpretations and insights of the virgin fir forests become the inspiration for her work and she has dedicated her artistic practice to the exploration of organic form.

Ehk has her studio in the former glass factory Pukeberg in Nybro. She received a Master of Applied Arts in Ceramic Art at the University of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002. Ehk is a four time recipient of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Working Grant and was chosen as the first recipient of the Ulrica Hydman Vallien Stipendium in 2019.

Ellen Ehk’s work is represented in collections such as the Swedish National Museum, the Shanghai Arts and Craft Museums, Public Art Agency Sweden. Her works are represented by Galerie Nec (Paris), Puls Gallery (Brussels), Berg Gallery (Stockholm) and VIDA Museum & Konsthall (Borgholm, SE).

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Featured work

Moss, 2017-2020

Ellen Ehk Ceramics

Geomancy, 2019-2020

Ellen Ehk Ceramic art

Terra, 2017-2020

Ellen Ehk Ceramic artist

Riverstones, 2018-2020

Ellen Ehk Ceramics