Ines Rother

Ines Rother (formerly Hasenberg) is a ceramic artist born in Berlin in 1970. She studied ceramics at the Technical College for Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany, and shortly after, she opened a studio and gallery in Siegburg, where she organizes workshops and shows her work.

Ines has shown her art in many exhibitions and has been chosen for important competitions such as the XVI Bienal Internacional Cerâmica Artistica Aveiro (Portugal), the 21 Biennal de Ceràmica d’Esplugues Angelina Alós (Spain), or the XVII International Contemporary Ceramics Award Cerco (Spain). Since 2019, she has also joined the International Academy of Ceramics as a member.

“I create ceramic sculptures that are touched by looks and hands, that always show new aspects, make signs, are designated, are walked around, and are looked at from far and near.

Seemingly informal drawings become, on repeated viewing, memories of familiar forms without being permanent, in constant change. My works always offer fascinating signs and images for ever-changing fantasies.

With my works, I create sculptures and surfaces for ceramic painting and drawing, like white sheets and walls. The composition is still made on leather-hard clay, with incisions and engravings. Only after bisque firing at 900° are colored areas applied in layers, partially removed again, overlaid with other colors, and fired at 1,220°. This creates free, multi-layered, irregularly colored areas and fields of different perspectives.

Unsteady small parts, contrasted with large, calm color fields, always in light-dark gradients and often in cold, warm, and complementary contrasts. Linear structures are embedded in the upheaval of the color fields and lead the viewer across three-dimensional images. I create ceramic bodies that give meaning, beauty and context to space,

space to live,
space to animate and
space to experience.”

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Ines Rother Ceramics
Ines Rother Ceramics