Lut Laleman

Lut Laleman lives and works in Dendermonde, Belgium. Laleman started her ceramic education in 1995 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her works are part of prestigious collections and have been exhibited nationally and internationally at institutions such as the International Ceramics Competition Mino (JP), Gyeonggi International Ceramics Biennale (KR), Taiwan Ceramics Biennale (TW) or Collect London (UK). Laleman’s work received an Honorable mention at the 4th World Ceramic Biennale (KR) and the special judges award at the 9th International Ceramics Competition of Mino (JP), among others.

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Featured work

Selected works, 2017-2019

Lut Laleman Ceramic art

My work may look simple, but if you look beyond the appearance, it is immensely complex. My objects are featured by filigree experiments in porcelain.

The way I use porcelain plays an important role in the originality of my objects. The inspiration finds its origin in the material. This approach creates fresh inroads.

Most objects have a net-like structure, are handmade with strands and dots of porcelain. There is a sense of balance, in structures and colors, with rhythms and contrasts.

All these elements are coming together into the wall, a wall that leads you into the form, a window between inside and outside.