Mira Makai

Mira Makai is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She received her MA Degree from the Hungarian University of fine Arts, in 2016. Her works are part of private collections in Europe and have been exhibited nationally and internationally in Austria, Romania and Germany.

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Featured work

Dungeons and dragons, 2018-2019

Mira Makai Ceramics

I collect inspiration for my latest sculptures from many places. I condense my favourite patterns I found during my virtual or real reflections into my work. Thus, it can happen that a character, basically from Chinese mythology, mixes with the language of the cartoon form and appears in rhyming colours with the world of current running shoe fashion. It gives me a lot of formal freedom that the use of these ingredients is often not pre-planned, often basically not even conscious, the fragments essentially mix spontaneously by me and meet each other in a given job. So, decoding the connections after the firing process is also a kind of game for me and carries the already mentioned surprise experience.