Monika Patuszyńska

Monika was born in Warsaw, Poland.

Artist and curator, explorer of abandoned spaces and untried paths, she received her MA from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts (Poland) in 1999. She exhibits frequently all over the world and has won many awards for her work that may be found in public and private collections worldwide. She is also a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

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Featured work

Genealogy, 2018-2019

Monika Patuszynska Ceramic artist

TransForms Plus, 2011-2018

Monika Patuszynska Ceramic art

By choosing casting as the primary production method I have situated myself within the ages of porcelain industry and defining myself towards the past and the present also plays a huge role. I am inspired by the process, most of all by its errors and accidents. I constantly seek out the difficulties posed by working in porcelain. The objects themselves are not the main focus; they are a side effect of my explorations. I do not believe that a plaster mould as it exists in a factory, smooth and fine, is a true plaster. I do not believe that true porcelain is smooth, submissive and docile, even though it is often presented as such. You can deprive your cat its claws, but will it still be a true cat? That’s why my plaster is rough and my porcelain can injure.

What interests me most is to cooperate with the material, to understand it and to treat it as a partner by embracing the imperfections of the process. Direct contact with the medium is essential as it is all about balancing between maintaining the control and letting be in an attempt to capture the true nature of the material.

In our culture an accident is considered an error.

However the tamed accident is not an accident any more, is it? It becomes a technique.

I am an accident tamer.