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→ Roxanne Jackson is an exhibiting artist at the first edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

“In my work, I explore images of extinction, death and transformation. I am fascinated with the natural processes of decay and destruction—particularly when in conflict with human systems. Nature is referenced, not by depicting the virile stag, but by illustrating its inevitable decay. Valuing macabre sensibilities, I create sculptures that cross over the slippery edge of life into what might lie beyond. 

An investigation of the unconscious mind and our inextricable link to the animal world may reveal certain truths about the human condition. “Lyuba Twins” is a purposely-ambiguous sculpture—the animals, although realistically rendered, are non-specific in species (are they deer, sheep, baby buffaloes)? They are also defined as neither alive or dead. The viewer is invited to interpret the sculpture in a similar way that a ‘subject’ is asked to interpret an inkblot from the legendary Rorschach Technique. As the interpretation of the inkblot theoretically reveals a description of the subconscious mind of the subject, the viewers’ interpretation of this piece may also provide insight. 

Occasionally, I use imagery from horror films and the moment of transformation—particularly, when a human becomes a beast. This transgressive imagery creates tension in the work, especially when produced from the medium of clay—with its strong historical ties to comfort and beauty. Rooted in traditions of pantheism and superstition, the horror movie depicts a dark side of human nature. Mutated creatures, such as the ravenous werewolf, are created in the murky depths of our collective subconscious. These images ride the boundaries between animal and human, instinct and reason, the conscious and the subconscious. 

In a more humorous tone, recent pieces such as “Hoof Heels” also evoke our inextricable link to the animal world. The heels are inspired by both contemporary fashion trends  (Designer AF Vandevorst) and ancient folklore (Pan). They imply that the fashion-conscious viewer can easily embody the primal, animal self. 

This investigation reveals the honesty of humanity. Embracing all aspects of ourselves, taking a closer look at the “shadow side” of the human condition is my attempt to discover truth. This truth stems from acknowledging our imperfections and recognizing humanness (and dignity). Comprised of evocative, poignant layers of meaning, I invite the viewer to contemplate what it means to be human, to connect with a deeper side of oneself.” Roxanne Jackson

Roxanne Jackson’s C.V. (Resume) – View her works

2004 – MFA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
1996 – BS, Humboldt State University, Arcata CA (honors)

2012 – THOMAS HUNTER PROJECT GALLERY, Hunter College, New York, NY
2011 – ARTCITE INC, Paper-mache and mixed media installation, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
2010 – DUBHE CARRENO GALLERY, Blindsight, Chicago, IL
2009 – MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF ART, We Believe in Something, Minneapolis MN
2008 – GALLERY HOMELAND, Must Find Truth, Portland OR
2008 – SNAP CONTEMPORARY ART, New Works, Vancouver BC Canada
2007 – PORTLAND ART CENTER, Lost Wisdom, multi-media installation, Portland OR
2006 – SUGAR GALLERY, Muscle Memory, Portland OR

2011 – ROURKE ART MUSEUM, Roxanne Jackson and Don Myhre, Moorehead MN
2011 – JEROME CERAMIC ARTIST PROJECT GRANT: Awarded by the Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – ART OF THIS, Artist Residency and Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – MILWAUKEE UNION ART GALLERY, The University of Wisconsin, Flora/Fauna (with artist Kako Ueda), Milwaukee WI.
2009 – ROGUE BUDDHA GALLERY, Eat Your Heart Out, Minneapolis MN
2008 – ALEXANDER GALLERY, Clay as Sculpture, Oregon City OR
2006 – THE DARKROOM GALLERY, Tugboat Presents: The Work of Three Bemis Residents, Omaha NE
2006 – ELEMENTS GALLERY, Say Something Good To Me, Portland OR
2005 – CLINTON STREET GALLERY, DIGEST: A Showing of Sculpture and Mixed-Media, Portland OR

2011 – EMERGING ARTIST FELLOWSHIP AND RESIDENCY EXHIBITION, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, Queens, NY
2010 NEW YORK STUDIO GALLERY, Reality Gallery: American Slide All, New York, NY
2009 – MUSEUM OF AVEIRO, International Biennial of Ceramic Art, Aveiro, Portugal
2009 – THE SOAP FACTORY, The Haunted Basement, Collaborative Installation, Minneapolis MN
2005 – GALLERY 1448, Watershed Kiln Gods, Looking Back 1997-2003, Baltimore MD
2005 – HOFFMAN GALLERY, Craft Biennial: A Biennial Review of Northwest Art & Craft, Portland OR
2005 – TALISMAN GALLERY, Juried Group Exhibition, Portland OR
2005 – MUSEUM OF OUTDOOR ARTS, Englewood Arts National Juried Art Show, Englewood CO
2002,04 – ALICE C. SABATINI GALLERY, Topeka Competition 25, Topeka KS
2002 – JOLIET UNIVERSITY GALLERY, Ceramics 2002-Upcoming Artists Show, Joliet IL
2000 – CORE: NEW SPACE ART GALLERY, Clay Show 2000, Denver CO
1999 – PERIOD GALLERY, Mugs and Works on Paper, Omaha NE

2011 – CERAMIC CENTER OF BERLIN GALLERY (“Zentrum fur Keramic”), Winter Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
2011 – TAPIR GALLERY, Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
2011 – THE HEIGHTS WATERFRONT, Self-Schema, in conjunction with NCECA, Tampa, FL
2011 – STOLENSPACE GALLERY, Never Judge Exhibition, London, England
2010 – CINEMA GALLERY, A Show of Heads, Catalogue essay by Glen R. Brown, Urbana, IL
2010 – BLANKS NYC PRESENTS at CAMEO GALLERY: Blank Magic: An Exhibition of Modern Talismans (collaboration with Andrea Stanislav), Brooklyn, NY
2010 – MUTTER MUSEUM, Corporeal Manifestations, in conjunction with NCECA, Philadelphia PA
2010 – NCECA INVITATIONAL, Earth Matters, The Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia PA
2009 – NCECA, Snow: An Invitational Exhibition of Ceramics Sculptors, Phoenix AZ
2009 – HUTCHINSON GALLERY, Flora/Fauna, Hutchinson MN
2009 – MINNEAPOLIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, Process/Practice/Action: MCAD Faculty Respond, Minneapolis, MN
2009 – ARCHER GALLERY, Beasts & Botanicals, Vancouver WA
2008 – CINEMA GALLERY, Fins, Fur, Feathers: in conjunction with SOFA, Chicago IL
2008 – THE LIFE GALLERY, Changing States, Portland OR
2008 – SNAP CONTEMPORARY ART, Versus: Art and Poetry in Contrast, Vancouver BC Canada
2008 – MILEPOST 5, 30 Rooms, Installation Exhibition, Portland, OR
2008 – AUDIO CINEAM SPACE, The Children of The Revolution, Portland OR
2007 – NASH GALLERY, Enchanted, Minneapolis MN
2007 – RUBY GREEN GALLERY, Contemporary Works in Clay, Nashville TN
2006,07 – CASCADE ART GALLERY, Cascade Art Faculty and Their Influences, Portland OR
2005 – HOFFMAN GALLERY, Artist-In-Residence Exhibition, Portland OR
2004 – GALLERY 72, Graduate Student Exhibition, Omaha NE
2004,05 – G.A.S. GALLERY, Down N’ Dirty Art (Exhibition I and II), Lincoln NE
2002 – EISENTRAGER-HOWARD GALLERY, Graduate Show, Lincoln NE
2001,02 – KHN CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Kimmel Award Exhibition, Nebraska City NE
2001 – ART CENTER GALLERY, The Clay Up There: an Exhibition of Current Ceramics from Anderson Ranch, Berrien Springs MI

2010 – ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of Ceramics and Sculpture, The State University of New York, Oswego, NY.
2010 – WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR, Zentrun fur Keramik (Ceramic Center), Berlin Germany
2009,10 – ADJUNCT FACULTY, Form + Content (Advanced Sculpture), Mixed-Media Sculpture, 3-D Design, Minneapolis College of Art & Design Minneapolis MN
2008,10 – ADJUNCT FACULTY, 3-D Design and Ceramics, St Cloud State University, St Cloud MN
2009,10 – INSTRUCTOR, Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN
2008 – ADJUNCT FACULTY, Figurative Sculpture, Portland Community College, Portland OR
2005,08 – INSTRUCTOR, Figurative Sculpture and Advanced Ceramics, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland OR
2005 – ADJUNCT FACULTY, Ceramic Sculpture, Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR
2005,08 – ADJUNCT FACULTY, Beginning/Intermediate Ceramics, Portland Community College, Portland OR
2004 – ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR, Figurative Sculpture with Tom Bartel, Oxbow Summer School of Art and Artist’s Residency, Saugatuck MI
2003 – TEACHER OF RECORD, Beginning Ceramics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2003 – TEACHER OF RECORD, Intermediate Drawing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2003 – VISITING ARTIST, Bryan Community School, Guest Teacher for at-risk youth, Lincoln NE
2002 – INSTRUCTOR, Freshman Foundations Class, Visual Literacy: Color Theory, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2002 – TEACHING ASSISTANT, Intermediate Drawing and Sculpture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE

2010 – JEROME CERAMIC ARTIST PROJECT GRANT: Awarded by the Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis MN
2010 – LIGHTON INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS EXCHANGE PROGRAM, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MI
2009 – EXHIBITION HONORARIUM, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis MN
2008 – CAREER DEVELOPMENT GRANT, Oregon Arts Commission, Salem OR
2007 – PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT GRANT, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland OR
2007 – CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT/ COURSE DESIGN, Portland Community College, Portland OR
2007,08 – CLASSROOM ENHANCEMENT GRANT (3), Portland Community College, Portland OR
2007 – CASCADE TLC SCHOLARSHIP, Portland Community College, Portland OR
2003 – SUMMER RESEARCH GRANT ASSISTANCE, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2001,04 – KIMMEL FELLOWSHIP IN STUDIO ARTS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2001,04 – SMITH GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2001,04 – GRADUATE NONRESIDENT TUITION FELLOWSHIP, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE

2010 – ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, Zentrum fur Keramik (Ceramic Center), Berlin Germany
2006 – EMERGING ARTIST, NCECA Conference, Oregon Convention Center, Portland OR
2006 – ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha NE
2004 – ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland OR
2003 – ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, Watershed Center for The Ceramic Arts, Newcastle ME
2003 – KILN GOD SCHOLARSHIP, Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle ME

2010 – ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR, Summer Expressions Sessions, Continuing Studies,
2010 – Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – ARTIST DEMONSTRATION, American Craft Council Conference, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – ARTIST LECTURE, College of Visual Arts, St. Paul, MN
2010 – VISITING ARTIST, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – GALLERY AFFILIATION: Dubhe Carreno Gallery, Chicago IL
2010 – GALLERY AFFILIATION: Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
2007-08 – ARTIST LECTURE, The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN
2007 – ARTIST LECTURE AND WORKSHOP, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green KY
2007 – ARTIST LECTURE, Oregon Art Beat, Portland Community College, Portland OR
2007 – ARTIST LECTURE, Portland Art Center, Portland OR
2007 – CHARACTER FABRICATION; Bent Image Labs; Art Department, Portland OR
2007 – CHARACTER FABRICATION; LAIKA; Animation Studio Art Department, Portland OR
2006 – ARTIST LECTURE AND WORKSHOP, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE
2006 – ARTIST LECTURE, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha NE
2006 – ARTIST LECTURE, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha NE
2006 – BEMIS CENTER ART TALK, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha NE
2006 – JUROR, Omaha Art Association, University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha NE
2004 – ARTIST LECTURE, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland OR

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