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→ Cynthia Lahti is an exhibiting artist at the first edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

"My goal is to create works of art that resonate with honesty and reflect the beauty and chaos of the world. My art is influenced by human artifacts from ancient times to the present, as well as by my personal experiences and emotions. Like the varied objects I draw on for inspiration—from 1940s knitting catalogs and outsider art, to Native American cedar carvings and Degas’ sculptures of dancers—my artworks force an explanation of reality and compel viewers to connect to a larger human experience. I work in various media, including drawing, collage, and sculpture.

Currently I am focusing on ceramic sculpture based on expressive images of the figure I find in a variety of source materials. There are so many figures out there in the world, wearing so many poses and costumes; I find those that resonate and interpret them in clay. Each sculpture expresses an intense inner psychological state, its surface effecting a fluctuating quality, part beautiful, part grotesque.

I grew up in Portland Oregon and continue to live and work here.” Cynthia Lahti

→ Cynthia Lahti will also be featured in the first printed issue of Ceramics Now Magazine.


Cynhia Lahti's C.V. (resume) - View her works

1997 - Received scholarship to participate in the class Bas-Relief Sculpture at The Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington.
1994 - Selected to participate in the class Creating a Story Through Lost Wax Casting at the Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood Washington.
1992 - Oregon School of Art and Craft, Portland, Oregon
1989 - Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon
1985 - Bachelors of Fine arts, Illustration Department, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island

2011 - Lecture, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY
2007 - Residency, Caldera Arts Center, Sisters, Oregon.
- Senior Residency in Ceramics, Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Portland, Oregon.
2004 - Intersection, October 2003- October 2004, selected to observe and create artwork about life within five fire stations located in Portland, Oregon.
2002 - August 16 – August 26, Iron Rodeo at Maryhill Museum, Selected to participate in a ten-day iron casting residency program held at the Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, Washington.

2009 - SMILE, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
2007 - Daughter, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
2005 - New Found Land, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
2004 - A Secret History, Hauser Memorial Library, Reed College, Portland, OR
2002 - Sculpture and Drawings, The Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR
2000 - New Works, The Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR
1997 - New Views, The Laura Russo Gallery, Portland, OR
1997 - Marylhurst Art Gym, Lake Oswego, OR
1994 - Heads, A Site-Specific Installation, Nine Gallery, Portland, OR
1993 - Dresses, Nine Gallery, Portland, OR
1990 - Blue Gallery, Portland, OR
1989 - Northwest Artist Workshop, Portland, OR

2010 - Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial 2010, juried exhibition, Bellevue, WA
- April 10 - May 23, Texas National, Juried by Judy Pfaff, Nacogdoches, TX
- Group Show, PDX Across the Hall, Portland, OR
2009 - July 11-29, Portland Comes to Astoria, Astoria, Oregon
2008 - Kinda Like a Buffet, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
- Works in glass, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
- OCAC Studio School Instructor Show, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR
2006 - July 7-27, Portrait Show, Hall Gallery, Portland OR
2005 - November 3 – December 1, 2005, Next, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, OR.
2003 - October 29 – December 5, Sculptural Invitational, Campbell Hall Gallery, Western Oregon University.
- October 20 – November 18, Iron Rodeo, Spokane Falls Community College Art Gallery, Spokane Washington.
- October 11-19 Core Sample, An Exhibition of Exhibitions of Portland Art Now. Included in the shows Crafty, The Hunt, and Draw.
- August 27 – October 5, Bibliocosmos, Douglas Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College.
- May 3- May 27, Iron Rodeo, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington; Maryhill Museum of Art in August 2002.
- February 11- March 14, Eighteen Woman, The Art Center Gallery, Clatsop Community College, Astoria, Oregon. Curators: Prudence Roberts and Bill Ittman.
- Common Code, Littman Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR
2002 - 7th Outdoor Sculpture Invitational, Maryhill Museum of Art, Goldendale, WA
2002 - Art About Agriculture Tour 2002, Corvallis, Bend, Klamath Falls, OR
2001 - Art Objects: PDX, Portland International Airport, Portland, OR
1998 - Way In: An Exhibition of Glass Doors, The Bullseye Connection Gallery, Portland Oregon, Commissioned to create cast glass relief panels, which were incorporated into a door.

2010 - Finalist, Contemporary Northwest Art Awards, Portland, OR
2009 - Nominee, The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Awards in Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Video, and Craft Media
2008 - Career Opportunity Grand for Artists, Oregon Arts Commission
2006 - Artist Fellowship, Oregon Arts Commission, Salem, OR
1997 - Art Slate ‘97, Condon, OR
1993 - Willamette Valley Exhibition, Corvallis Art Center, Corvallis OR

2004 - A Secret History, Reed College Library Cases, Portland, Oregon. A site specific installation containing drawn and sculpted elements.
1998 - Portland Building Installation Space, Portland, Oregon. Diorama, a site-specific installation shown.
1994 - Heads, Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1993 - Dresses, Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2008 - SNOW: an interactive, site-specific installation, Portland, OR
2004 - Interstate Max Public Art, TriMet, Portland OR; drawing reproduced in enamel on steel
2003 - Intersection, residency to create artwork about life in five fire stations in Portland, OR
2002 - The Drawing Center, New York, NY; drawings accepted into Registry
2002 - Iron Rodeo, Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, WA; residency to create two cast iron sculptures
1998 - August 6 – September 12, Way In: An Exhibition of Glass Doors, The Bullseye Connection, Portland Oregon, Commissioned to create cast glass relief panels, which were incorporated into a door.
1995 - Visual Chronicle of Portland. Drawing commissioned for inclusion into the Visual Chronicle of Portland art collection.

2008 - “You Need Art,” photo credit, Portland Monthly Magazine, March
2007 - Raymond, Jon, “Cynthia Lahti at PDX Contemporary Art,” ArtForum, September
2006 - Raymond, Jon, Schims: Less Gloom in Doom Town, Modern Painters, November
- Roberts, Prudence, “Cynthia Lahti at PDX Contemporary Art,” Artweek
2005 - Kendellen, Peggy, Artits + Firefighters + Memorable Experiences, Art Notes, The Regional Arts & Culture Council, Vol. 10 No. 6, May/June, p.1
- Peterson, Isaac, New Found Land – Cynthia Lahti at PDX Contemporary Art, PORT, December 21
2004 - Gragg, Randy, and Matthew Stadler, ed. Core Sample: Portland Art Now, Clear Cut Press, Astoria, OR
- Raymond, Camela, Art Diary, The Organ Review of Arts, Portland Or. Jan/Feb, p.4
2003 - The Organ Review of Arts. Portland Or. Feb/March, p.6 (drawing)
2002 - Hall, Stan, Ten Day Planner, The Oregonian, May 31, p. A&E 31.
2000 - Row, D.K., Critics Picks, The Oregonian, February 3,
1997 - Row, D.K. The Gothic Images, Willamette Week, July 16
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- Cynthia Lahti, Small Plaster Relief Sculptures, The Art Gym. Maryhurst University, OR. February

- Reed College, Portland, OR
- King County Public Art Collection, Harborview Medical Center Collection, Seattle, WA
- Oregon Health Sciences, Portland, OR

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