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Shamai Gibsh Contemporary Israeli ceramics

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→ Shamai Gibsh is an exhibiting artist at the first edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Owner of a Cramic Studio in Jaffa, Israel, Shamai Gibsh’s activities include wheel throwing, hand building and sculpturing.
My ceramic works are focused on esthetic designs. Techniques include: Saggar firings of objects covered with terra sigillata and terra sigillata printing, reduction, Raku and oxidation.

I get inspiration from my environment and surrounding. Jaffa, an 10,000 years old port city a part of Tel-Aviv  in Israel - a very old and full of history with its colors and textures, unique architecture and multinational has a big influence on me.
Typically  I burnish and cover with terra sigilata, at times I use copper and soluble salts (Metal chlorides like silver, gold, cobalt), and saggar fired inside clay vessels with organic materials typically pine needles.

For the last 11 years I’ve worked every summer at the Harvard ceramic Studio. My sculptural work an been inspired by the life in israel, the political situation in Israel, as well as my recent traveling to China and Korea. There I took a path of a single 3 dimensional object instead of using multiple objects like in my “wall” Aestela exhibition. Each one of these sculpture represents a wall-barrier.


Shamai Gibsh's C.V. (resume) - View his works

- BSME - Cal Poly Pomona, Ca, Cum Laude (1980),
- MBA Studies Tel-Aviv University 1989,
- Ceramic studio BCAE Boston 1995,
- Giveat Haviva Ceramics school, Israel 2000-2006,
- Summers at the Harvard University Ceramic Program, Cambridge, Ma. 2002-08.
- Partner in a Ceramic Cooperative  “Altogether 8” in Jerusalem, Israel. Art is exhibited and sold at Land of Israel Museum store in Tel-Aviv, Israel Museum store in Jerusalem and galleries in the US and London.
- Teaching, lectures, visiting artist: Harvard University, Israel ceramic organization, Giveat Haviva Ceramic School, and other private studios.

2002 - Shalom Gallery Giveat Haviva, Israel
2003 - Shalom Gallery Giveat Haviva, Israel
2004 - Hakibutz Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
2005 - Noga Gallery Jaffa, Israel
2005 - Hakibutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2005 - Hagvulot Museum Metula, Israel
2006 - Naharia Museum Naharia, Israel
2006 - Ceramic Biennale- The Land of Israel Museum Tel-Aviv, Israel
2006 - Hagvulot Museum  Metula, Israel
2007 - Hankin Gallery Holon, Israel
2007 - Galerina Gallery- Bat Shlomo, Israel
2008 - “Voyage Through jaffa”, A16 square meter Mural for the city of Tel Aviv on Yefet Street (permanent)
2008 - Tel Hai ceramic symposium (won prize)
2009 - Shelosh Sheloshim Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 - Titan House Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 - Shanghai China International Pot Art Biennial Exhibition
2010 - Internacional de Ceràmica lAlcora 2010, Alcora Spain
2010 - Gangjin International Ceramic Artists Exhibit, Gangjin, S.Korea
2010 - Making Art Loving Art, City of Tel-Aviv, Israel
2011 - “Walls” Kahana house Ramat-Gan Museum, Ramat-Gan, Israel
2011 - Netiv Hamazalot ArtSpace, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2011 - Tea Bowl Festival Exhibition, Mungyeong, S. Korea
2011 - Jingdezhen Museum, China, 2011

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