Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF 2011), ready to kick-off

3-12 JUNE 2011, CLUJ-NAPOCA // 15-19 JUNE, SIBIU

The tenth edition of Transilvania International Film Festival is ready to welcome its guests and audience, with only one day left before the start of the most anticipated Romanian film event. In addition to the 200 films, TIFF 2011 presents its public with a generous offer of special events: the concerts, exhibitions and theater performances are only some of the events that make this year’s edition an unmissable one.

For the second consecutive year, Unirii Square will host the opening ceremony of the festival, which will take place on Friday, June 3, from 8.30 p.m.  Starting this evening, the heart of Cluj-Napoca will undergo an impressive transformation, turning into a spectacular TIFF open-air venue.

This year, the opening ceremony has set an impressive surprise in store for the public in Cluj. The French group of artists from the famous Compagnie des Quidams will bring to Ursus Open Air a performance full of magic and light: Herbert’s Dream. The show’s protagonists are extraordinary characters which evolve, depending on theatrical situations. From long, white figures on stilts, the audience will discover creatures from a strange, transforming world. Deformed and grandiose at the same time, clumsy and ethereal, as coming from another planet, with their heads light up they gather round a brilliant star to perform a magic ritual which will help the star ascend to heavens. The show was performed in over 100 cities, on several continents. Moreover, it opened various international events, such as the Dance Biennale in Lyon, the 1998 Football World Cup, Euro 2000 and Euro 2004.

The film opening the festival’s anniversary edition is Potiche, an entertaining comedy written and directed by Francois Ozon, one of the best-rated French directors at this time. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous theatre play by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grédy, and had its world premiere in the official competition of Venice Film Festival 2010. A contemporary social satire, the film is set in the context of the economic crisis afflicting the entire world. The action centers on Robert Pujol, the tyrannical head of the umbrella factory he has inherited from his father-in-law. The inhumane work conditions determine the workers to go on strike, ending with Robert being taken hostage. Suzanne, his wife, steps in and, with the help of her ex lover and present town mayor, tries to free the hostage and end the protest. In the end, Suzanne will take the reins of the factory, managing to restore an almost bankrupt business, to the great surprise of her husband, who is not willing to give up his position as factory director. Francois Ozon brings together a stellar cast, with some of the most important names from French cinema: Catherine Deneuve, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award offered to an Outstanding Personality of the European Cinema at TIFF 2008, Gérard Depardieu and Fabrice Luchini.

The TIFF 2011 opening ceremony will not lack important names, personalities from Romanian and international film industry, officials and representatives of foreign press.

Directors Matias Bize (La vida de los pesces), Michael Madsen (Into Eternity), Fernando Léon de Aranoa (Amador), Miruna Coca-Cozma (Our School) are some of the special guests present, alongside Tudor Giurgiu – Festival President, host of the TIFF opening ceremony, Mihai Chirilov –TIFF’s Artistic Director and Sorin Apostu – Cluj-Napoca’s mayor.

The male basketball team U Mobitelco BT Cluj, winner of the National Basketball Championship, will also be present at the event.

The theatre performance series Theatre at TIFF starts on Friday, June 3, with the play 9 degrees in Paris, by Peter Kerek, which will be played at the Hungarian Theater starting 7.30 p.m.

TIFFashion, the series of events meant to connect the two worlds of film and fashion, also starts at Hotel Continental – the new home of fashion dedicated events, with the exhibit Dressing the Story: Film & Theatre Costumes by Doina Levintza, which can be admired until June 9.

The first day of the festival is also the first day of screenings at Mănăştur Open Air, a new festival venue, which invites the public living in Mănăștur district, on every TIFF evening. The access to all screenings at Mănăştur Open Air is free.

+++ Ceramics Now Magazine is proudly supporting Theater at TIFF (EN/RO) programme, organized by ColectivA Association.

[RO] Zilele Liceului de Arte Plastice “Romulus Ladea” Cluj-Napoca / 12-24 mai 2011

Zilele liceului de arte plastice romulus ladea cluj-napoca

12 - 24 MAI 2011

JOI - VINERI - 12-13 mai 2011
10.00 - 14.00
“Civic Art” – Experiment plastic interactiv stradal

12 teliere de creatie interactive: Happening, performance, pictura de sevalet, statui vii, instalatii, origami, imprimerie tricouri, mestesuguri, linogravura, reciclying, mobilier din carton, inter lego, body painting.

Locul de desfasurare: Bulevardul Eroilor
Participa peste 100 de elevi si profesori.
Echipa de proiect: Profesorii de la Catedra de Arte
Prof. coordonatori: Diana Frateanu, Cristina Mârza

MARTI - 17 mai 2011
10.50 Vernisajul Concursului National de Sculptura Mica - Festivalul LADEA
Locul de desfasurare: Atelierul de sculptura / Cladirea mica, etaj 1
Prof. coordonatori: Radu Bimbea, A. Tosa, Gh. Olaru, M. Socaciu, Gavril Zmicala

12.00 Lumea magica a povestilor
Locul de desfasurare: Libraria Universitatii
Participanti: clasele V-VI ale Liceului de Arte Plastice „Romulus Ladea”
Prof. coordonator: Maria Vaida

17.00 Vernisajul expozitiei profesorilor Liceului de Arte Plastice „Romulus Ladea”
Locul de desfasurare: Sala Radio / Eroilor nr. 18
Prof. coordonatori: Hermina Csata, Cristian Porumb
Logistica: Nicolae Foiasi

MIERCURI - 18 mai 2011
12.00 Proiectului „O scoala mai frumoasa” Graffiti pe garajele din curtea cladirii B
Locul de desfasurare: Curtea cladirii B a Liceului de Arte Plastice “Romulus Ladea”
Prof. coordonatori: Hermina Csata, Diana Frateanu, Cristina Mârza, Baciu Codruta

JOI - 19 mai 2011
10.50 - Sesiune de comunicari cu tema „Semne si Simboluri”
Locul de desfasurare: Sala 10 a Liceului de Arte Plastice “Romulus Ladea”
Prof. coordonatori: Vaida Maria, Hudrea Nicoleta

VINERI - 20 mai 2011
11.00 - 12.00 Activitati pe ateliere / Ziua portilor deschise
Locul de desfasurare: Toate atelierele Liceului de Arte Plastice “Romulus Ladea”

12.00 Festivitatea de premiere a Concursului National de Sculptura Mica
Locul de desfasurare: Sala de expozitie a Liceul de Arte Plastice „Romulus Ladea”
Prof. coordonatori: Radu Bimbea, A. Tosa, Gh. Olaru, M. Socaciu, Gavril Zmicala

13.00 Festivitatea de premiere a Concursului „Experiment de creativitate - MailArt”
Locul de desfasurare: Sala de expozitie a Liceului de Arte Plastice „Romulus Ladea”
Prof. coordonatori: Adela Gocan

MARTI - 24 mai 2011
11.00 - 12.00 Primii pasi in scoala
Locul de desfasurare: Sala 7 a Liceului de Arte Plastice „Romulus Ladea”
Participa elevii înscrisi in clasa I la Liceul de Arte Plastice „R. Ladea”
Prof. coordonatori: inv. Iuliu Abrudan, inv. Crisan Anisia

Liceul de Arte Plastice “Romulus Ladea” / Dorobantilor nr. 56, Cluj-Napoca
Tel.-Fax: 0264-593006 / Tel.: 0264-431449

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