Alana Wilson

Alana Wilson is an Australian artist who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Her work is represented by Reading Room (Melbourne, Australia) and Crossing (Minokamo, Japan). She exhibits regularly throughout Australia and internationally. Her studio practice incorporates sculpture, photography and film in conjunction with her primary medium of ceramics.

Alana Wilson’s ceramics seem to have been created by the sedimentation of time. Their simple shapes and rough surfaces evoke the ruins of yesterday’s world. They had survived the cataclysms of human history and, both fragile and powerful, are seeking their path in the world of today and tomorrow.

Reminiscent of the fossils that one often finds by chance, each piece is a unique ecosystem with its own subtle balance of shape, texture and colour. For the Australian artist, the inherent qualities of the raw material are always the starting point to explore the sculptural potential of the object. The primary function of the container is never directly affirmed, maintaining a metaphorical use of form and material. The patent hand marks suggest a form of continuity with the long history of ceramic practices. Behind the apparent neutrality of these objects lies an embodied vision of the links between humans and their environment.

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Featured work

Touch Studies, Inversions, 2019-2020

Alana Wilson Ceramics

Planets, Mercies, & The Flow, 2019-2020

Alana Wilson Ceramics