Charlotte Coquen

Charlotte Coquen is a ceramic artist who lives and works between Rouen, France and Belgium. Since 2018, her work has been shown at multiple exhibitions, including at the Biennale Internationale de Céramique Vallauris or the Bernardaud Foundation. Several awards and grants have encouraged her research, such as the grant from DRAC Normandy or the support of Keramis for the realization of the Tagada installation in 2017. In 2021, she was selected for an art residency at the Contemporary Ceramic Center in La Borne, France. Charlotte teaches Ceramics at EACM d’Aulnay-sous-Bois.

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Featured work

Selected works, 2015-2020

Charlotte Coquen Ceramics

Tagada, 2017

Charlotte Coquen Ceramics

Charlotte Coquen’s work is a synecdotal art. Each of her creations refers, as an element of a whole, to a political, social, intimate universe, as a trigger, an aesthetic clutch pushing to reaction and then to reflection. The productive disorder that the spectator can feel comes from the fact that these pieces, to be a part of a whole, are not necessarily the symptom and certainly not a symbol or a reduced representation. Hence a form of ambiguity, each piece potentially referring not to one but to several areas or political, social, intimate discourses. The plastic force of the works stabilizes the gaze just as much as the body, forces to stop, catalyzes the thought.

Jérôme Felin, Drac Rouen, 2019