Danijela Pivašević-Tenner

Danijela Pivašević-Tenner studied in Belgrade and Berlin. From 2013 until 2020, she was the Artistic Director of the Dr Hans Hoch Foundation at the Künstlerhaus Neumünster in Northern Germany and initiator of the “Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem” funding program. She lives and works in Berlin. Since 2020, she has been a lecturer and head of the Berlin University of the Arts ceramic studio.

She participated in numerous international symposia and artist residencies and participated in curated exhibitions a.o. Benyamini Center Tel Aviv, Israel; Contemporary Ceramics Biennale Jakarta, Indonesia; Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Korea; 1st Indian Ceramics Triennial Breaking Ground, India; 11th International Ceramics Symposium Avellaneda in Buenos Aires; Argentina. Solo exhibitions at the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums, Schloss Gottorf; gallery postel, Hamburg; Gallery Bunker D Kiel, Museum Tuch + Technik, Neumünster.

Danijela Pivašević-Tenner analyses our society and its customs and removes the function or defining pattern from everyday objects through various artistic strategies such as deformation and pouring over. She encourages the audience to participate and confront their own habits and norms. Her work ranges from interactive acts to objects to installations, earning her invitations to many international symposiums, art residencies and curated exhibitions.

The sculptress takes a conceptual approach, accompanied by commentary on the genre of ceramics with all its traditions and teachings. Understanding and respecting the material is the starting point of her work. Recycling materials or using a limited amount of materials and not firing are her ideal goals from the beginning of her career, which also permeate her teaching practice.

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Featured work

Selected works, 2018-2022

Danijela Pivašević-Tenner Ceramics
Danijela Pivašević-Tenner, Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster 2022
Danijela Pivašević-Tenner Ceramics
Danijela Pivašević-Tenner Ceramic artist