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Francesco Ardini Contemporary Ceramic works, Italian ceramics

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Francesco Ardini was born in Padua, Italy, and graduated in Landscape Architecture at the IUAV, Venice, in 2011. He discovered ceramics during the study years. Currently works in Padua and Nove.

The vision of reality in Ardini’s studies relates to broken objects, uneven surfaces, the apparent dissolution, the linearity undermined by failure. All these lead to a naturalism where the works provide biological cycles in which the dissolution is always followed by a formal definition.

Francesco Ardini understands the scientific course that begins with Einstein’s relativity, Max Planck’s quantum theory, going on with the Hubble’s discovery of galaxies, to land – in the second half of the twentieth century – within an epistemological revolution that places the possibility/probability above the necessity. Ardini accepts the idea that a large part of reality is not linear, but chaotic, and has a view of a universe development which will end in a cosmic catastrophe. These ideas place Ardini’s work in the sphere of conceptual art.

Francesco Ardini’s C.V. (resume) – View his works

2009 – Meuble de Paris, Paris
– Furniture Fair Milan 2009, Milan
– DIDESIGN Showroom, Padua
– Boutique Franco Pianegonda, Venice
2010 – Museum of Ceramics / Palazzo Sturm, Bassano – The V International Symposium of Contemporary Ceramics Bassano
– DIDESIGN Showroom, Padua
– Academy Handcrafts, Este
– Salone Del Mobile Milan 2010, Milan
– Exhibition for national and international artists, Albissola
– 2nd Eedition – Coffebreak.MUSEUM, Gianetti Museum, Saronno
– “White Proliferation” – Winner of the selection
– Venice Design Week 2010
– Oil Invasion, Spazio arte dei Mori, Venice
2011 – Prize Aldo Ajo, Gubbio
– Birth Of The Fragilisimo – Art Printworks Busato Vicenza in collaboration with the Foundation Vignato of Vicenza
– The Art Of Pottery – Sign and tell, Padua
2012 – MACEF Design Award 2012 – Prize for Creative Young Artists, Milan

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