Helena Tuudelepp

Helena Tuudelepp is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. She received her Masters Degree in Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018, majoring in ceramics. Tuudelepp is a member of the Estonian Ceramics Association.

“My favorite medium is paperclay. I observe the transformation of material during drying process – its movement, development of unique character and various shapes of details. I develop conversation with material, gather emotions, and tie those to sculptures or installations. Most of my works remain unfired, giving me a possibility to reuse the material in my next works. I have opportunity to choose in what form and how long my work exists – does my work need to maintain in physical form or just let the ideas arise, take form and fade away – like dried up clay meeting the water again.”

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Selected works, 2018-2020

Helena Tuudelepp Ceramics