Karima Duchamp

Karima Duchamp is a visual artist and a ceramist based in Mulhouse in France. She received her M.A. in Fine Arts from Beaux-Arts School in Besançon. She has been working in ceramics, paintings, drawings that she likes to combine. Her practice is an investigation of the pictorial gesture as a vector of existential discoveries of truth. Her interest is based in the irregularities and imperfections of the process, the traces and the tensions that reveal inconsistencies in the spaces and confer to the works a human element like in old decayed walls. Clay allows her to tell the passage of time, the story of her memories left by diverse and unpredictable relationships with others. Her memories are expressed using precarious and fragile forms. These same memories can be represented in her work through the exploration of the duality between weakness and strength. What emerges in her work may come from a detail that transports her to stories, memories and possible projections.

Working without preconceived ideas, being driven by the surfaces, leaving a great part to experimentation and intuition but remaining rooted to Art History, Henry Matisse, Edouard Vuillard and the Nabis, and also the subjectivity of abstract expressionism, Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko inspire her.

Duchamp’s body of work has won multiple awards and has been included in numerous solo and group shows across the world like The Salon Art+Design in New York, Design Miami and in Basel. Her work is in public collection such as Ariana Museum in Geneva and Yingge Museum in Taipei City. As a Member of the International Academy of Ceramics, she continues her ceramic explorations through artistic residencies worldwide.

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Featured work

Golden Rock, 2017-2019

Karima Duchamp Ceramic artist