Luke Fuller

Luke Fuller graduated in Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art in 2020, being awarded the Charlotte Fraser Scholarship for outstanding work. Since completing his BA in 3D Design & Craft at the University of Brighton in 2018, he has won several prestigious prizes and bursaries, including New Designer of the Year at the Business Design Centre, 2018; and the Nagoya University of Art, Grand Prize, 2018. Fuller has shown work internationally at various exhibitions including ‘The Power of Material: From Virtual to Physical’, The Design Museum, London, UK; FOG Design+Art in San Francisco, US; PAD London, UK; British Ceramics Biennial, UK. His work features in notable private and public collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, UK.

Every location has its own history, culture and community inherently marked by human experience. Fuller reflects upon a notion of place which is forged through industrialisation and our dependence on raw materials. His work explores the complex layers of our society and infrastructure, in order to critique and understand the context in which we live.

His experience in landscape and within industrial settings has created a strong sense of place in his practice, to fuel his fascination of abstraction, construction and disruption of form. Using clay and other materials as a vehicle, he expresses his perceptions of landscape and the ambiguous relationship between humans and the natural environment. He manifests his thoughts and concerns through processes of construction and the physicality of making.

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