Ofra Kutz

Ofra Kutz is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Kfar Saba, Israel. Her works are part of numerous collections around the world and have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

“In recent years, I have been researching creation of meaning to my sculptural clay work by using a combination of crackle and volcano glazes, exposed texture and rough clays as well as delicate and luxurious ceramic materials, such as porcelain and gold luster decoration. This encounter creates seemingly impossible contrasts, but also creates a new and personal clay language.

I deal with the localism that emerges from the connection of opposites. I am constantly seeking the delicate balance between form and matter, between order and disorder and between planning and coincidence.

My search for the balance between the need to control and framework, shaping and giving my form to the clay, is reflected in my meticulous work and the freedom that finds expression in the sensuality of the clay textures.

The preoccupation with time is also expressed in my multi-layer creations – a central and common theme in my work – whether the layers are social, cultural, multicultural or personal. These are the layers that define me and tell the story of my life from the framework story in the outer form and within it layer upon layer is added in an attempt to reach the core, the essence, to tell us a life story.”

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Featured work

Cracks in Time, 2020

Ofra Kutz Ceramics

Long Neck Tribe, 2017

Ofra Kutz Ceramic art