Pascale Klingelschmitt

Pascale Klingelschmitt is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Alsace, France. Her work is presented nationally and abroad and takes the form of installations or unique pieces during solo and group exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, the US, and beyond. Pascale graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Besançon.

In her work, she tries to answer with hard materials (such as ceramics and glass) questions related to the material structures of living organisms, their property, their temporality, or their state of mutation, in order to make the invisible palpable.

Often she apprehends and confronts the different actors of the kingdoms of life in a combinatorial relationship, which also leads her to treat our relationship to the body.

Hybridization, metamorphosis, or entropy are apprehended and then summon intrigue or disgust. To reveal the intimacy of the living, the movements, and the fragilities that animate it at the interface of physics and biology, Pascale is interested in the scientific observation tools of physical phenomena such as radiography, microscope, or medical imaging, thus playing with the singularities of the micro and macro.

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Selected works, 2017-2022

Pascale Klingelschmitt Ceramics
Pascale Klingelschmitt Ceramics