Reinhilde Van Grieken

Reinhilde Van Grieken is a ceramic artist born in 1985 in Herentals, Belgium. Reinhilde studied sculpture and ceramics and became internationally known since 2006. She participated in numerous exhibitions and biennials in Vallauris (FR), Zaragoza (SP), Höhr-Grenzhausen (D), Andenne (B), Mons (B), München (D), Kilkenny (IRL) and more.

“Her work is sculptural, part of the fine arts. She asks questions and wants the spectator to ask questions too. Questions about the essential meaning of her work in connection to the appearance. It communicates about events that sculpted her life. It makes the work divers for she does not want to get stuck in the same forms. Some ceramics are abstract, cylindrical and organic, some are figurative, often colored, some monochrome. She masters many ceramic techniques and uses them as a three-dimensional paint. Reinhilde looks for a strong composition and linear rhythm, what gives the sculptures their monumentality.” Text by Johan Valcke

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Featured work

In Equilibrium, 2019

Reinhilde Van Grieken Ceramic artist

The Church, 2015-2018

Reinhilde Van Grieken Ceramic art

As a spectator you often look for a recognizable style and technique in the oeuvre of an artist and I do understand that it is very confusing when you cannot find it. But for me, as a sculptor, emotions prevail and I have no ambition whatsoever to deliver year after year and repetitively a recognizable “product” to gain name recognition. I don’t care. In my work I want to be who I really am, honest with myself.

A Liberation
I’ve never tried to make sculptures for anyone specific, I just did it for myself. It’s an outlet, a way of thinking and venting my feelings. So you may discover in my work a hidden, emotionally highly charged subject or a critical train of thought with or without humor.

A Challenge
Occasionally I simply concentrate on a three-dimensional interplay of lines. It gives me peace of mind and helps me to leave behind all serious issues and to play with light and shadow without any worry. Looking for aesthetics I enjoy to surprise myself and I try to push my boundaries again and again.