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“If my work is to speak I want it to whisper. In this my aim is to create unique pieces for contemplation and enjoyment. Nature is my source of inspiration and delight and it plays a significant role in my work.

The shadows cast by the interplay of light are an integral part of each piece and through this I want to give my work a contemporary feel whilst enhancing the quality of the clay.  Paper porcelain is versatile and allows me to constantly push the boundaries of my work.

I worked with glass initially before turning my full attention to clay, first as a hobbyist and then full-time from my studio which I opened in September, 2003.  During this time I have worked tentatively and experimentally with porcelain and felt it possessed the very qualities I needed to create the desired texture.

Porcelain is a difficult medium in which to work, but I found it a very rewarding challenge.  It has a welcome degree of unpredictability but when the results are good, I feel that our partnership is a successful one.

My work was exhibited at various CSA Regional and National Exhibitions and also showcased at Decorex 2009 in the SA Handmade Collection where I was selected as one of the Ikons and tribute was paid in the field of South African Ceramics. In October 2010 a piece called “Singing Trees” was awarded BEST PORCELAIN PIECE at the biannual CSA National Exhibition.  In April 2011 a piece called “Sickel Bush” was selected for the 9th International Ceramics competition Mino, Japan which will be held in September 2011.  In June 2011 a piece called “Deep forest” was selected as a finalist in the Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale 2011 International Competition in Korea.” Rika Herbst

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Rika was born in Virginia on 23 February 1967 in the Free State and completed matric at Hentie Cilliers High School in 1984.  She pursued a career in Business Administration and Marketing and relocated to Gauteng in 1989 when she married Hugo. 

She left the business world and her career in the marketing field in 1995 when her son was born and went back for a short period in 1997/1998 leaving Investment South Africa as Project Administrator representing South Africa as a destination for FDI when her daughter was born.

She started pottery again as a hobby, originally part-time in the early nineties and full-time again from 1997 with Heleen de Klerk, attended the studios of Marian Walsh and Kim Sacks.

She opened her own studio called Bohlokoa (Sotho word for important) on 1 September 2003 and joined the Ceramics Association.  She started producing her own art pieces in 2008 and entered a piece called “Circles in the Forrest” which was selected for the CSA National Exhibition in 2008.  Since then her work was showcased at various Regional and National Exhibitions. 

Rika has completed several workshops and courses to keep abreast of  industry knowledge and trends.  She conducts adult- and children’s classes and strives to expose the students to all facets of clay, glazes and firing techniques.

Aug 2008 – CSA National Exhibition, UJ Art Gallery
Feb 2009 – The Art of Green Living, The Peech Hotel
Aug 2009 – Decorex Icons, Gallagher Estate, Sep 2009, CSA Regional Exhibition, Eduardo Villa Museum, 
Nov 2009 – Coming Together at Christmas, Craft & Design Centre Gauteng
July 2009 – Pace, Craft & Design Centre Gauteng
July 2009 – African Landscapes in clay, Association of Arts Pretoria
Aug 2010 – Decorex  SA Handmade Collection Gauteng, Gallagher Estate
Aug 2010 – Echoes Exhibition, The Art Place
Aug 2010 – CSA Regional Exhibition, MuseumAfrica
Oct 2010 – CSA National Exhibition, Grande Provence Gallery Franschoek
Jan 2011 – The Cube at the Clay Museum, Rust en Vrede Gallery Durbanville
Feb 2011 – Ambiente – The Loft, Frankfurt Germany
Apr 2011 – Easter Exhibition, Ou Lettere Building, University of Pretoria
Aug 2011 – Decorex SA Handmade Collection Gauteng, Gallagher Estate
Sep 2011 – 9th International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan

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