Beyond the Brickyard – Archie Bray North Gallery

Beyond the Brickyard  Archie Bray Foundation North Gallery

Beyond the Brickyard – Archie Bray North Gallery, Helena, MT, USA
February 4 – April  7, 2012

The Archie Bray Foundation’s fourth annual juried exhibition.
Free and open to the public.

Beyond the Brickyard is an exhibition of 32 selected pieces from the Archie Bray’s fourth annual international call for entries. Juried by 2011 Voulkos Fellow Richard Shaw. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 4 from 6–8 pm and the exhibition will be available to view online beginning February 4, at

Participating artists include Ivan Albreht, Crista Ames, Tom Bartel, Michael Bliven, Shari Bray, Angelique Brickner, Jessica Broad, Monique Castiaux, Danny Crump, Angela Dieffenbach, Kelsey Duncan, Spencer Ebbinga, Debra Fleury, Guillermo Guardia, Jeffrey Haddorff, Chad Hartwig, Nicole Hoiland, Jennifer Holt, Sarahjess Hurt, Marina Kuchinski, Minkyu Lee, Jessi Li, Megan Mitchell, Vince Palacios, Gabriel Parque, Chris Riccardo, Mary Roettger, Eileen Sackman, Hannah Short, Adam Swang and Kwok-Pong Tso.

The Bray is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the enrichment of the ceramic arts, located at 2915 Country Club Ave. in Helena, just 1/3 mile west of Spring Meadow Lake. Galleries are free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Monday–Saturday, 10 am–5 pm.

Rachel Hicks
Director of Programs and Administration

Above: Debra Fleury, Tidal, 2010, porcelain, dark stoneware, glass, underglaze, 3.5” x 25” x 25”

Chris Riccardo

Chris Riccardo's profile on Ceramics Now Magazine - View his works

Chris Riccardo received his BFA in sculpture from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University.

In 1995, Chris opened his own commercial bronze casting foundry, RDK Studios in West Palm Beach, FL. A few years later, he began teaching figurative sculpture at the Armory Art Center. Shortly after he decided to sell his foundry and concentrate on his work and teaching. In 2007, Chris was named the Director of the Sculpture Department and Foundry Manager. He set up a small foundry at the Armory and began teaching the fine art of bronze casting.

For a number of year his work dealt with the figure in bronze.  Recently, he has started to work less in bronze and more in clay. His figures are one of a kind, fired clay with underglazes. For years his color palette was that of the limited bronze patina finishes. Working in clay has opened up new doors to his work with the unlimited color palette available with glazes.
He is currently represented by the Mindy Solomon gallery in St. Petersburg, FL.

“They point and laugh, tease and ridicule all the while unaware of the consequences.
As important as play is to our development as adults, what effect does play have on those who cannot participate in the traditional sense of the word?
Consequences comments on the epidemic of childhood obesity in our country and how the disease affects our children’s ability to play, leading to low-self esteem, inability to interact and work with others and possible future psychological abnormalities.
It is these abnormalities that have been the focus of my recent work, starting with my series entitled: Mugz: American Heroes. The pieces in Mugz are taken from police blotter mug shots and the accused crimes are woven into their portraits. Consequences takes this idea one step further and explores the idea of how these people end up in front of the authority’s camera.” Chris Riccardo

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