Gotō Hideki

Gotō Hideki is a contemporary ceramic artist born in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan in 1973. He currently resides in Tajimi City within the former Mino area in central Japan. He graduated in 1997 from the Department of Ceramics Science at a local technical high school. Post-graduation, Gotō dedicated himself to a pottery career, actively participating in public exhibitions showcasing his ceramic works.

In 2012, he received the Encouragement Award for his Shino tea bowl at the nineteenth Mino Shōroku Tea Bowl Exhibition, a competitive event that saw over two hundred submissions per edition until its conclusion in 2015. In 2021, Gotō achieved an Honorable Mention at the twelfth International Ceramics Competition Mino, a prestigious recognition in the field.

Gotō’s artistic endeavors predominantly feature in high-profile solo and group exhibitions, primarily in Japan. Remarkably, despite residing in a mountainous region, his artistic creations draw inspiration from his childhood in a coastal town, a place that holds deep sentimental significance for him.

His unique sculptural forms are titled as “Watatsumi,” signifying “Sea God” and bear profound connections to Japanese folklore. In Shinto mythology, Watatsumi symbolizes the spirit (kami) of the sea and is an alternate name for the dragon deity Ryūjin. Gotō’s Watatsumi pieces emulate seashells, capturing the dynamic essence of the sea while preserving the craft essence of the Shino ware tradition. His artworks poetically depict various marine elements, such as crashing waves against cliffs, sea foam, and riptides, which are articulated through his recent creations characterized by curvilinear, layered textures.

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Featured work

Goto Hideki: Contemporary Shino Ceramics, 2023

Goto Hideki Japanese Ceramics
Goto Hideki Japanese Ceramics
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