HyangJong Oh

HyangJong Oh, born in Korea in 1964, is a ceramic artist renowned for his masterful Onggi creations—a traditional type of Korean ceramics, and his notable large vessels, which are a testament to his skill. He earned his Master’s degree in Pottery Arts from Dankook University. Since 1995, HyangJong taught Design and Pottery at various institutions, including Honam University and the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage.

HyangJong has been a regular invited artist at numerous international festivals. These include Argilla Italia in Italy, the British Ceramics Biennial in the United Kingdom, the Sasama International Ceramic Art Festival in Japan, the Ringebu Art Center in Norway, the International Ceramics Festival in Wales, the Clunes Ceramic Award in Australia, and several others.

Currently, HyangJong is immersed in his craft at a pottery-making factory in Mokpo, Korea. Additionally, he runs a pottery workshop in Jeju City, where he teaches Onggi-making techniques, a hallmark of Korean traditional ceramics, to enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

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Selected works, 2012-2021

HyangJong Oh Ceramics
HyangJong Oh Ceramic artist
HyangJong Oh Ceramics

I was born in 1964 to an ordinary Gwangju, South Korean family. I attended university and majored in pottery. During my education, the significance of pottery-making techniques was continually emphasized, and I dedicated countless hours to refining my craft, focusing on the spinning wheel. I aspired to scale my creations to their maximum potential.

After graduation, my fascination turned towards traditional Korean ceramics, especially Onggi. Eager to master this art, I joined an Onggi studio to study its intricate techniques. I had the privilege of learning various Onggi weaving methods from four esteemed Onggi masters. Over the next 30 years, I continued to hone my pottery skills.

In 2000, I was honored to participate as a demonstration artist at the Korea Ceramic Expo. Subsequently, I showcased my work in nearly 20 locations across the United States, engaging in American pottery tours, conferences, exhibitions, and demonstrations. I’ve also exhibited and demonstrated my craft in countries such as Japan, China, England, Norway, Australia, Italy, and Denmark. During my travels, I encountered a diverse spectrum of ceramic arts and interacted with various ceramic enthusiasts, including medical students, professionals, professors, and amateurs.

In the process of shaping clay, profound questions arise: What is the essence of soil? Who am I? Where have I come from, and where am I headed? What does it mean to be human? What is the essence of life? Such questions have always intrigued me. Over time, my curiosity expanded to encompass the vast 13.8 billion years of cosmic history. I delved into the fundamentals of matter, the Earth’s and life’s genesis, human history, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy, religion, and music. As a potter living in this epoch, I constantly ponder what creations can emerge from such contemplation. This introspection is vividly reflected in my work.

For me, there is no boundary between traditional and contemporary ceramics. Emotions and actions converge daily with the clay, giving birth to novel ceramic expressions.