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“I work with abstract sculptural form. I am interested in the idea of one continuous surface, with one connected edge or line running through the whole form. Clear, clean shapes; soft smooth curves in contrast to sharp edges; concave and convex surfaces; the discovery and strength of an inner/negative space – these are all form expressions that appeal to me and results in my continuous exploration and expression in many different variations.

My sculptures are either asymmetrical or with a repetition of form:

– Asymmetrical where I mainly work with the idea of continuous surface. The form has only one side and one edge connected throughout the shape.
– Repetition of form with three symmetrical parts that are connected; three being both a strong number and a balanced repetition of form. The negative space – the shape of the space in between, is equally important.

My work is hand built in coiling technique. Stoneware is my chosen material for its qualities – I like to challenge the material and my own skills by building complicated shapes; fragile in the building, drying and firing process which upon firing attain the strength to be handled and positioned without support.

I often get an idea for a new form while working on another. I also find my inspiration in form I see in nature as well as architecture and design; clean curves, sparse decoration, simplicity. To emphasize the form I use a matt surface and monochrome colours.

I was born in Denmark but grew up in Sweden. I returned to Denmark to study at Design School Kolding in 2000, and moved to London in 2005 after graduating. I have since then predominately worked with sculptural forms.” Merete Rasmussen

Merete Rasmussen’s C.V. (resume) – View her works

2008 – Ceramic Symposium Tel Hai, Israel
2005 – Network, The International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark
2000-2005 – Designskolen Kolding, Ceramics MA, Denmark
2004 – TERRA, International Sculpture Symposium, Serbia and Montenegro
2004 – Glasgow School of Art, student exchange, Scotland
1997-1999 – Oestra Grevie Folkhoegskola, estetiska linjen – keramik, Sweden

– Crafts Council Development Award 2007
– Member of Contemporary Applied Arts, UK
– Fellow of Craft Potter’s Association, UK
– National Museum of Scotland
– Crafts Council Collection, UK
– FNAC National Fund of Contemporary Arts, France
– TERRA, International Sculpture Symposium, Serbia and Montenegro
– Guldagergaard, The International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark
2011 – ‘Fables Contemporaines’ Mouvements Modernes/ Dutko Gallery, Paris
2010 – Two person show, Puls gallery, Brussels
2010 – ‘Summer Pavilion’ Gallery Lilly Zeligman, Laren, The Netherlands
2010 – Solo show, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2010 – Collect 2010, Saatchi Gallery, London – represented by The Scottish Gallery
2010 – SOFA New York 2010, represented by CAA
2010 – ‘Contemporary Ceramics’, Galerie Besson, London
2010 – Focus, CAA, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2010 – Ceramic Art London 2010, Royal College of Art, London
2009 – ‘Vessel’ New School House Gallery, York
2009 – Origin, London
2009 – ‘Made it’, Contemporary Ceramics, London Design Festival
2009 – Solo show, 15a Galerie & Beedentuin, Lochem, The Netherlands
2009 – The Scottish Gallery at COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery, London
2009 – ‘Vanguard Court Studios’, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2009 – ‘Spring Show’, Lund Gallery, Easingwold, UK
2009 – ‘Form and Nature’, Sussex Barn Gallery, West Dean College
2009 – Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, UK
2008 – Mouvements Modernes Gallery at FIAC, Paris
2008 – ‘Form and Texture’ Contemporary Ceramics, London
2008 – Origin, London
2008 – Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool
2008 – ‘Danish Ceramics’ The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2008 – ‘Material’ 15a Galerie & Beeldentuin, Lochem, The Netherlands
2008 – Cavaliero Finn, Orchid, London
2008 – ‘Afresh’ gallerytop, Matlock, UK
2008 – ‘Paysages en fusain’ Galerie Fusion, Toulouse, France
2007 – ‘Sommerspiele’ craft2eu, Hamburg, Germany
2007 – ‘Gifted’ The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey, UK
2007 – ‘Decadence’ RBSA Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2007 – ‘Hoestsamling’ Galleri Pictor, Aengelholm, Sweden
2007 – Cavaliero Finn, Jeanie Avent Gallery, London, UK
2007 – ‘Ceramics now’ Milton Gallery, London, UK
2007 – Showcase V&A Shop, Victoria&Albert Museum, London, UK
2007 – Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ockley, UK
2007 – Showcase, Contemporary Ceramics, London, UK
2007 – ‘Esperanto’ Brick, Vienna, Austria
2007 – ‘Territories’ The Study Gallery, Poole, UK
2007 – ‘True to form’ The Grace Barrand Design Centre, Nutfield, UK
2007 – The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2007 – ‘Colourful ceramics’ Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne, UK
2007 – Showcase, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
2007 – The Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds, UK
2007 – ‘Keramik i Kolding’ Koldinghus, Kolding, Denmark
2007 – Cavalierofinn, Open House Weekend, London, UK
2007 – Ceramic Art London 2007, London, UK
2006 – Plateaux Gallery, London, UK
2006 – Public Art at Canary Wharf, London, UK
2006 – Manor House Gallery, Chipping Norton, UK
2006 – Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ockley, UK
2006 – The Danish Museum for Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 – Ceramic Art London 2006, London, UK
2006 – ‘Fluidity’ Victoria Fearn Gallery, Wales, UK
2005 – The International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark
2005 – Designer Zoo, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 – Contemporary Art Gallery, Kikinda, Serbia and Montenegro
2004 – Katrinegadesalen, Kolding, Denmark
2003 – OICS, Oslo International Ceramic Symposium, Student exhibition, Norway
2003 – Borgerhuset, Kolding, Denmark
2001 – Kunstforeningen Hilleroeds Hospital, Denmark
2000 – Malmoe Kommunala konstfoerening, Sweden
1999 – Falsterbo konsthall, avgaangsutstaellning Oestra Grevie Fhs, Sweden

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