Yuko Nishikawa

Yuko Nishikawa creates fantastical environments with colorful, textural, lively forms using a hands-on, exploratory approach to make paintings, lighting, mobiles and sculptures in a variety of mediums, including clay, wire, fabrics, as well as repurposed materials such as recycled paper and used eyewear lenses. Her work reflects her accumulated experiences in architecture, restoration, interior and furniture design, crafts and engineering. Growing up in a small seaside town just south of Tokyo, Japan, she received her B.F.A. in Interior Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002.

Her work has evolved and expanded beyond her earlier ceramic sculptures and has been exhibited all over the world. Highlights include the wire sculpture exhibition at Curator’s Cube in Tokyo, a project during quarantine where she painted one painting per day for one hundred days, window displays with mobiles and paintings for French fashion brand Sandro’s 52 worldwide stores, ceramic lighting and sculpture installation Sporarium at Friends Artspace in Arlington, VA, vessel and plant exhibition Obscure Plant Club at Tula House in Brooklyn, NY, the immersive mobile installation Memory Functions in one of The Brooklyn Home Company’s eco-friendly condominiums in Brooklyn, and mobile installations in Brooklyn hotel Penny.

She currently works in her studio in the industrial area in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, which she built out with friends utilizing demolished materials found in the building. She named this space Forest: a place where things grow, and things decay to nourish new lives and where people wonder and discover something new. In this space, for four years, she hosted the monthly Salon at Forest, a gathering and conversation of creative minds, which has been on pause since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Yuko Nishikawa Ceramics
Yuko Nishikawa Ceramic artist
Yuko Nishikawa