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Natalia Dias garaduated in 2009 with a 1st class hons degree in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art and Design and she is already considered one of the most exciting up and coming Ceramic artists in the UK today. Her CV includes a gold medal for Craft and Design at the National Eisteddfod of Wales 2010, 1st prize winner for ceramic and glass at the 2007 Welcome trust competition Design4Science, work sold to the Aberystwyth University ceramic collection which is the biggest and most important in Wales, work published in the international Lark Books 2009 edition “500 ceramic sculptures”, and numerous exhibitions in London and all over the UK.
Her practice focuses on Alchemy, nature, love and the sublime. 

“My work is my own language. I sculpt metaphorically the way that I see and feel things, intending to project the viewer to a dreamscape of sensuality and magic realism. 
This recent body of work is an allegory to the human condition, the Alchemical journey that an individual takes from birth to death in search of harmony and which can be manifest through Love. 

“Love is a way of transforming the ephemeral into eternal”. 

The principal thing is not the creation of imaginary worlds or beings but the discovery of the mysterious relationship between man and his circumstances.

In my work I intend to express the brittle transiency of life and its humble beauty. The pure fact of matter from the minute to the infinite and its eternal ephemera.

The processes that I use are mostly handbuild and castind, sometimes transfers and lustres are applied but I also find very exciting to experiment with assembling ceramics and other materials.

My work is quite concept and process based, most of the sculptures tell a tale or a critique by themselves but I love to create with them narratives and otherworlds through installation, where people can step into their imagination and my own.” Natalia Dias

Natalia Dias’ C.V. (resume) – View her works

2006 – 2009 – 1st class BA Hons Ceramics
– National centre for Ceramics studies Wales, Cardiff School of Art and Design

– Gold medal Winner for Craft and Design at the national Eisteddfod of Wales 2010 
– 1st prize winner on the ceramic and glass category, at the Welcome Trust competition   “design4science” 2007

– 500 Ceramic sculptures, contemporary practice, singular works, Lark Books, New York, 2009 

– Aberystwyth University Ceramic collection and Archive
– Work in the private collection of Dr Hywel Thomas, Haverfordwest, Wales

2011 July/Sep – “Transfigurations”, LGAC, Cwmbran, Wales
2010 Oct/Nov – “Natureza Morta” , Tenby Museum & Art Gallery, Wales
2010 May/June – “Fact and Fantasy” , Oriel 2, Crafts in the Bay, Cardiff, Wales  
2007 Dec – “Golden Dome” installation, Oriel Fach, Narberth, Wales

2011 July – “Parallax AF”, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London
2011 Jan/Mar – “Resilience” , Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Wales 
2010 Dec – “A bunch of smiles” , Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
2010 Dec – “Christmas Cracker” , Milgi Lounge, Cardiff, Wales
2010 Dec – “Winter open” , Oriel Q, Narberth, Wales
2010 Dec – National Eisteddfod of Wales, Blaenau Gwent, Wales
2010 April – “Mixed media show” 21 artists, Candid arts Trust, Islington, London
2009 Oct – The Islington Art & Design Fair, Candid arts Trust, London 
2009 Sept – “Portal series” , Llantarnam Grange Arts centre, Cwmbran, Wales
2009 Sept – “WC” , Collaboration installation, Oriel Fach, Narberth, Wales
2009 July – New Designers, London
2009 July – Aberystwyth International Ceramics festival, Aberystwyth, Wales
2009 May/July – Welsh artist of the year exhibition, St Davies Hall, Cardiff, Wales
2008 May –  Clayart, Llanrhaedr, Denbigh, Wales
2008 Apr/May – Group exhibition at Oriel Q, Narberth, Wales
2007 Sept/Jan/08 – “Design4Science”, touring exhibition:
– Sunderland Museum and Winter gardens, England
– Manchester Museum and winter gardens, England 
– Nobel prize Museum, Stockholm, Sweden  
2007 Aug – Kilkenny Arts festival, Kilkenny, Ireland
2007 July – Aberystwyth International Ceramics festival, Aberystwyth, Wales
2007 Feb – “Make it Happen”, Vision centre, Cork, Ireland

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