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Mungyeong Traditional Tea Bowl Festival / by Shamai Sam Gibsh and Stephanie Young

Residence of Growth, Allison Luce at the Zentrum für Keramik-Berlin / by James Romaine

Interview with Jill Beute Koverman about Walter B. Stephen, Chief Curator of Collections and Research at the McKissick Museum, US / by Vasi Hirdo

13 Ways of Looking at “Natural Great Piece”, Meditations on a performance in clay by Cybele Rowe and Lauren Ari / by Daniel Fleischmann

Romanian contemporary ceramics
Interviews (view all as posts): Arina Ailincăi, Marta Jakobovits, Romana Cucu Mateiaş, Aniela Ovadiuc, Oriana Pelladi, Eugenia Pop, Cristina Popescu Russu, Bogdan Teodorescu

Japanese artists at Keiko Gallery, currently Keiko Art International
Interviews (view all as posts): Niisato Akio (Ceramics), Kawabata Kentaro (Ceramics), Takeuchi Kouzo (Ceramics), Hayashi Shigeki (Ceramics), Tanoue Shinya (Ceramics), Fujita Toshiaki (Lacquer art), Murata Yoshihiko (Lacquer art), Jorie Johnson (Textiles), Takeda Asayo (Textiles), Mariko Husain (Jewelry) / view images

Overthrown: Clay Without Limits exhibition at the Denver Art Museum
Interviews (view all as posts): Gwen F. Chanzit (Curator), Katie Caron and Martha Russo, John Roloff, Clare Twomey, Paul Sacaridiz, Linda Sormin, Del Harrow, Mia Mulvey, Benjamin DeMott / view images


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